Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Afternoon update

You know that list of things to do that I wrote up last night?


We're going over to Bébé's tomorrow instead of tonight, and I've spent the morning/afternoon eating breakfast, reading yesterday's paper, and formatting the chess club roster to print. Twice, since the first time, I didn't notice that I'd managed to truncate some kids off the end during a copying step. But none of the bills are urgent yet, and we'll have time to clean rooms tonight instead of tomorrow. I did verify my guess from which bookstore Brody's wife would prefer the gift certificate for K, and that L would prefer candy melts, not chocolates, and that I can use a credit card to buy the gift certificate for Coach, and Flood has necessitated that I re-heel one of my boots. Fortunately, Meijer has a shoe repair. Hope they do heels. The place I used to patronize closed.

Gonna grab some lunch - leftover stroganoff, then scoot.

If I end up at school early, I'll sort coupons. Fun fun.
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