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The weekend

I should really go to bed, but it's been too long since I've written anything here. Long enough to lose detail. So I'll beginning today and work backwards.

I woke up this morning at Wolf and Sydb's. I don't remember sleeping, so it's weird to say I woke up, but I stopped trying to be still and sleep sometime before Sydb woke, which woke Wolf. Wolf cuddled with me for some time this morning. It's one of Those weekends. Moody doesn't even begin to describe it, on top of having this icky cold. Cuddling was good, though. Hard to say it helped, when I know I'm already coming back from being nutso-moody before anything can penetrate. Rational thought? There's an idea.

We had a huge breakfast. I've just about decided I can't make three egg omelets. Or I need to bring my own omelet pan, which is better than the cheap one I bought for them, or if Wolf doesn't get a better one for Christmas, maybe I'll get another one.

I got the privilege of unpacking a brand-new nativity scene. It was funny. Just as I was starting to head into the kitchen anyway, my phone rang. I practically pushed Wolf out of the way to get to it, since I don't want to miss the call if it's from Flar in Brazil. I can't call him back at a reasonable price except from the office line at home. Anyway, it was G. calling about chess stuff. So, while I was searching for a marker to write down what came out of each bubble wrap envelope in the box, G. was telling me about a new chess coach in charge of the quads this year, and how anal she is about details. Well, I found it ironic.

Then we got into a discussion about the wise men, and about which sources called them kings, and which give them names, and which count them three, etc. When I decided that one of them looked stuffy, I wanted to call him Theseus, and we got side-tracked trying to figure out why I think of him as stuffy, and Wolf thinks of him as young and wiley. I'm thinking I've confused him with other stories or something. But at least I remembered correctly that Theseus is associated with Crete?

But the phone call also served to remind me that I couldn't stay all day. I packed up my things and got the kids to do the same. Wolf helped me carry stuff to the car, and I only forgot my bathing stuff, my toiletries, my meds, and the book Wolf was giving me.

And the menorah -- remembered that *after* we were on the road.

We stopped for Subway (and cash) on the way to the Chess Challenge at the Headley Whitney Museum. We were a bit late for the event; they were winding down early when we got there. But Tigger got to play a game against a boy who refuses to play touch-move, and for that matter makes moves and takes them back to move other pieces. Tigger was very tolerant though. The other boy almost had checkmate a few times, but Tigger wiggled out of it, and end up accepting the offer of a draw. (I think he got tired of putting up with him. ;)

Critter didn't find an opponent, but he sat down and socialized with a couple of other TLS kids that had been there awhile. After his game, Tigger went to see what they were up to in the arts and crafts. And I got to play one of the kids who is consistently in the top three of the local tournaments. I had absolutely no plan in mind for checkmate, but I managed to take advantage of enough opportunities that she left open (including an early queen-trade), that she actually asked for a draw rather than try to see if she could win the game. Go me.

Once we were finally home, I got the boys to help me unload the car, and feed the dogs dinner, then they disappeared upstairs while I read live journal and email. Once I was caught up, I fixed dinner and called them downstairs to eat and plot. I listed which rooms I wanted to clean, and they helped to pick which nights to assign to which rooms. If we follow our schedule, then we'll have the house clean and ready for Christmas before Flar is home.

Tonight's room was the kitchen. Critter unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, Tigger rinsed and carried away the recycling, and after reading chapter 1 of Through the Looking Glass, I shooed them to bed, and washed all the hand-wash left. And wiped down all the counter-tops. Technically, I've still the kitchen table to sort out, and the computer desk.

Tomorrow, I've got to:
  • drop the boys to school a little early
  • cut across town in time for my mammogram
  • deposit a check
  • clean the kitchen table
  • post bills
  • Send an email to Chess Parents about a gift for the coach
  • start working on Christmas presents
  • pick the boys up from school
  • pick Bébé up from the airport
  • work on the family room with the boys
  • maybe write about further back in live journal

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