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Silver Bells

How easy it is, to fall behind. I wrote this entry on the day after Thanksgiving. (If the night before Christmas Eve is Christmas Adam, then would the day after Thanksgiving be Thanksgiving Cain?)

I need to write more to catch up on the rest of the holiday weekend, and the beginning of this week, but that will wait until at least tomorrow.

Strings of street lights, even stop lights, blink a bright red and green, as the shoppers rush home with their treasures
I'm writing this while I stand in line for a register at Circuit City. Have I mentioned how much I love my PDA?

So far, we've had a fairly relaxing shopping day. My radio turned on at 4:00 am, and I was up and dressed by 4:45. When you consider that it takes me about 30 minutes of snoozing to wake up, that's pretty fast. I went upstairs to wake Critter, and then we went out to turn the mini-van into a cargo van. Knight arrived just as we finished, and we headed over to Wal-Mart.

Last night, Flar & I split up the ads. I managed to get 4 ads with only one to two items per store. Wal-mart was first on my list, for a 6 1/2' pre-lit tree for Tigger. Wal-mart had all the 6am - 11am specials under tarps. The people waiting for Christmas trees were pretty friendly. I wouldn't want to have been with the people waiting on the $50 DVD players. Waiting for the tree turned the whole Christmas department into impulse buy opportunities. I found a DVD for my nephew, and a few other odds and ends, including some nice gifts for Ro. The registers were open in the Christmas center (normally the garden center), so we were able to check out as soon as we loaded our carts with a tree apiece. I managed to leave with only 10 items, counting the one on my list, and two cold liquid caffeine transports, leaded & unleaded.

Our next stop was Radio Shack, for two items, that turned into 4 items. I had a 10% off postcard for using my Radio Shack card, and the total was just over the minimum to trigger the 90 day same as cash offer. I found gifts for Wolf, Turnip, Tigger, Bébé, my folks, and Brody & his wife. Okay, so I'm counting some of the multiple items as one item in the "four items."

I'm now at home. The line at Circuit City was short enough, and companionable enough, that I didn't get to finish this entry.

We had time to grab breakfast at McDonald's between Wal-Mart & Radio Shack. We sat in the mini-van, eating while we waited for them to open. We were the only car there so early, and got to watch all the employees arrive and other shoppers pull up, check the hours, and leave. There were six employees for that tiny store front, who were all busy as bees by the time we left. The store was packed, and the parking lot was full. I've come to appreciate them more, lately. They still provide good customer service, and that's getting rare.

Our last stop was Circuit City. They still had the gift Flar had found in the ad, for Gaucha, which I found quickly, and then managed to get in one of the slowest moving lines. The line I was in snaked past the DVDs. I decided that the $5 difference for the DVD that was my only item at Best Buy wasn't worth the additional stop, and got that & another for Tigger. I also found one for Bébé.

While I was waiting in line, Knight succumbed to one impulse purchase of his own. He bought 1.5 Ghz Toshiba laptop with 20 G hard-drive & 256 M and DVD-ROM drive. With manufacturer's price reduction, manufacturer's instant rebate, manufacturer's mail-in rebate and Circuit City's preferred customer mail-in rebate, he got the price down from $1,499.95 to $559.95. He figures if he takes into account the $250 he was planning to spend on a portable DVD player, he figures he just got new laptop for $300.

With that finished, our work was done.

We headed home, carried in all of our purchases and tucked them away, then Knight worked on helping Critter install the CD burner that he got for his birthday. I'm planning a grocery run: I didn't make enough cranberry fluff for leftovers, so I'm making another batch before we celebrate the first night of Hannukah with Knight & Ro tonight.

Now it's time to wrap presents with Tigger.

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