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Happy Thanksgiving!

The house is just about ready. Now I'll go to sleep and get me ready.

But first to catch up a little, here.

Okay, so I technically didn't spend all of Monday paying bills. But it felt like it. After I had breakfast, I sat down and got to it. And was pleased to find way fewer overdue bills in the mail that I had to process (those were already neatly posted and filed in the folder of ready-to-pay bills). By the time Flar and Knight had come back from Rotary, I was finished updating the checkbook, and entering all the bills that auto-pay. So I broke for lunch, and then went to school to pick up the boys. We stopped at the grocery for milk and cereal on the way home, as the weather forecast was calling for snow. After dinner, I went back to working on bills, and coaxed Flar into cleaning the jacuzzi room. It turned out that the Master bath was on the list for a different day. I didn't get my car back, even though I washed the station wagon in order to return it clean. I stayed up rather late Monday night, but by the time I was done, I'd posted all the bills, figured out which ones we could pay with the money on hand, and printed those out to mail the next day. After that, I updated my database with the new information from the last three weeks of chess club.

After only three hours of sleep, I bowled great. I bowled over my average every single game, and we took 3.5 points (we tied the last game), to leap-frog over the second-to-last place team, whom we were playing. I was in a great mood, because I no longer had bills hanging over my head, and so much of the Thanksgiving prep was already done. Not much cleaning left to do, and the groceries already shopped. And snow in the forecast.

I had a few errands after bowling, which boiled down to
  • picking up new parchment triangles at the cake store
  • getting my allergy shot
  • cashing checks at the bank for my spending money
  • . I drove Knight to bowling in the morning, which meant we could drop the bills at the mailbox in his neighborhood on the way to bowling, and that he accompanied me on errands. Once we got home and ate lunch, I had about an hour before it was time to pick up the boys. Which was just enough time to clean the Master bath (just the fixtures -- didn't de-clutter, or vaccuum/mop, or even clean the shower; the tub stays clean from me bathing often enough -- I wipe it down after the water drains out), sort the laundry, and start a load.

    On the way out the driveway, it was sleeting. By the time we got to New Circle, it was snowing. The big wet flakey kind. Which made the announcement that the winter weather advisory had been lifted pretty funny. We drove to and from school with lots of blowing snow. Flar had given me some invoices to send out, and I remembered to stop at the post office, but I was so pleased about buying snowmen on the first day of snow, that I forgot to stamp the invoices and mail them.

    I also forgot to stop at the bank after dropping off Knight. So I headed back out again once I was home. A sort of Jurassic Park moment: back, in the car. Again. I got a call from Powers while driving home to lunch. They had finished my car, but they wanted to keep it to test-drive it, before they handed it over to me. So this was my last errand in the station wagon. I drove to the post office to mail the invoices, then the bank to deposit a check and make a loan payment. And then headed home to stay in.

    Tuesday night we kind of vegged. The family room was slated for cleaning, so we figured we could light a fire and clean around it. I'd forgotten I'd invited Nurse over for dinner, but she called before she left the house, so I had time to make a couple more side dishes to go with the Campbell's Supper Bake that I had in the oven.

    Dinner was yummy. We watched Fantastic Voyage while we ate. (Then Nurse and I snoozed through much of the movie; the warm fire was drowzy-making.) When the movie was over, I confirmed that Flar was okay with putting off the family room until the next day. Nurse and I chatted a bunch (putting Flar to sleep at that point), and then Flar took Nurse up to his office to look at vacation pictures, while I decided I wanted to go on to bed.

    I found the boys and read a couple of chapters of Lewis Carroll, then collected a bedtime snack and drink. Flar and Nurse, meanwhile, had moved to the jacuzzi. I'd forgotten about my phone call with Wolf, but he called me, and we got a nice chat in while I was getting ready for bed. It also included me pushing the laundry through the queue and saying goodnight to Nurse as she was leaving.

    Today (Wednesday; I haven't slept yet.) was a very productive, feel good day. I got to stay inside all day, except to go out and Pick Up My Car! Yay!! I appreciated still having transportation while it was in the shop, but it felt so good to be in my own car again.

    At home, we cleaned the family room and the kitchen. Tigger helped me at first, until his friend from school came over. Then I let them play together and got Critter to help me when I needed it. We got the family room cleaned up, and vaccuumed in that thorough way that includes vaccuuming the couch cushions and dust-vaccuuming the wood furniture and rearranging the pictures on the mantel and winding the mantel clock (which doesn't fit on the mantel for all the pictures).

    Knight came over to keep my company while I was still in the dust-vaccuuming stage, and stayed for lunch, then had to leave around 2. After that, I started in on the kitchen. I didn't get to the back-of-the-sink counter, and I only spot-mopped the floor, but otherwise, it's darn clean.

    Oh, and have I mentioned lately what a wonderful husband I have? He personally saw to the dining room cleaning - and it is absolutely sparkly. And he also cleaned the jacuzzi room. Which is such un-rewarding work when the weather is so good at making mud. But the icing on the cake was when he decided we shouldn't cook in the nice clean kitchen until tomorrow, and then went out to fetch chinese for us, since we live outside their delivery area. Yum. We invited Bébé over for dinner, and watched The Inlaws. It's been ages since I've seen it, and it still made me laugh.

    After dinner, clean-up was a cinch, and that's when I finished off the kitchen, vaccuuming first the pantry, and then the kitchen.

    I've figured out when I need to start working in the morning, and now I'm ready for bed.

    Tomorrow, I'm responsible for the turkey, dressing, gravy and cranberry fluff. After I
    • put eggs on to boil
    • prep the turkey
    • boil the giblets
    • make the dressing
    • make the cranberry fluff
    • AND clean the kitchen again
    I'll get out the lace tablecloth and see if it needs ironing, and see if I have ime to iron it, before setting the table for the meal. I'll also be putting away the summer center piece and getting out the Thanksgiving decorations and candleholders. In the unlikely event that all leaves me with spare time, I'll take a bubble bath before it's time to start the gravy. And maybe even make devilled eggs as a surprise for Flar.

    Night all.

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