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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Topic 0 : An Introduction
My twitter bio is still accurate:

Christ Follower, wife, mom, ooh shiny!
Nicholasville, KY · minikin.livejournal.com

Okay, so the link is pointless, considering how long it’s been since I’ve written. But the twitter bio is better than my Live Journal bio. See aforementioned lack of writing.

Shiny might be the most telling part of the description. On the surface, I love bright colors and the shiny. Digging deeper, I’m easily distracted and many things catch my eye/attention/energy.

My ongoing/enduring characteristics/interests include a mildly complex family structure, worship, depression, singing, reading, TV, Sci-Fi, fandom, handcrafts like knitting, tie dye and beading. For groceries and healthcare I work a low-stress job that takes advantage of my years of keyboarding and my OCD tendencies, er, that is, an eye for detail. It also allows me the privilege of listening to audiobooks & podcasts while I work. Professionally, I have out of date programming skills.

My current distraction is a broken ankle. I slipped on Sat 25 Jan, had surgery to put screws in it on Tue 4 Feb, and I got this hard cast (at least it’s purple) on Wed 26 Feb. At one point I almost started posting again with the title “why yes, my ankle is STILL broken.” But then I listened to a podcast The Seven Things You’re Supposed to Talk About and found out that my health is boring. :)

This has been an entry for The Real LJ Idol writing competition, the Final Season, Topic 0 : An Introduction.

I got a new icon (I know, like a *needed* another icon) and it seemed appropriate to use! *Huggles*

Sorry for the Thread Hijack

I keep thinking I need to go back to having a paid account for Idol and more icons. I need to update the ones I have. :)

What fandoms do you like?

I have so many I sometimes have trouble remembering them all. XD

Dr. Who, ST, SW, Sherlock, Firefly, Castle, Whedon-verse, Marvel-verse, Bab 5, the list is kinda long, but you get the idea. When my husband asked me what the big deal was with Firefly, I replied that it's kinda like Cowboy Bebop only live action. He didn't get the anime reference, either. ;)

And we don't want to know what roads you took to get here either! I love TAL!

Welcome back and I'm sorry about your ankle!

Welcome to LJ Idol! I look forward to reading your work! And I hope your ankle feels better soon. That's no fun.

Good wishes for quick healing, and for good stuff to write about for Idol!

I haven't been writing either, I look forward to reading you again!

It's going to be a challenge to go back to writing without returning to the bad (not sleeping) habits that it encouraged.

Welcome back! By now your ankle must be coming along pretty well. (And, yeah, at least it's purple!)

"I’m easily distracted and many things catch my eye/attention/energy."

I can completely relate to this!

It's getting easier to prioritize as I go through cycles of returning to some interests and dropping others. It turns out I don't have to do everything. :)

That sucks to be in a cast. Hope it heals without problems.

Oh no, there is no hope for it. It's the buzz-tool for it in 7 days and into the trash.

Oh, my ankle? Silly me.

My ankle is healing well, but it still gives me fits when I get too active. I just don't have it elevated high enough during the day. For all the snow and ice have been my enemy, I'd be miserable if it were summer.

I hope your ankle heals! I like your varied interests :)

I'm so very glad to be back in idol with you!

Ah, it's early. I'm sure Gary will have us regretting this soon enough.

*hugs and hot tea* I usually find friends' broken bones interesting, but then, I've never broken anything bigger than my baby toe so I suppose it's got that "novelty" feel to me. I confess I tend to check up on relatives' chronic conditions more out of wondering how they're doing than any sort of interest in the condition itself.

I broke my arm at the wrist in the grade school. Now, I like that the new cast materials are lighter, but darnit, I miss the smooth white plaster that was so perfect a canvas for friends to fill with drawings and good wishes. I even got autographs from the Matterhorns climbers when we went to Disneyland.

At least it's purple.

Hope the anikle heals fast for you! Sometimes our health defines us ... hopefully you won't be hobbling too much and walk with ease and stride again! Look forward to reading entries from you this season!

Mostly, I'm getting an educated about accessibility. Our house is great once I'm inside, but to get in and out is a daily challenge.

OW, sorry to hear about the broken ankle. At least you get a purple cast!

Glad to meet you and glad you're doing LJ idol!

Sorry about your ankle - but yes, at least the cast is purple. i'm all about blues, greens, purples . . .