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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Defrost bibble
Busy Day

That was a nice long 11 hour Monday. It started this morning sometime after midnight, driving in the blowing snow to open third shift. I got back around 4, slept til 11, made French toast for the snow day and went to my 6 mo. checkin with my ARNP. Since I haven't had a repeat of the two Very Sad™ events, we're keeping my scrip the same, but she said there's room to go up if I need it.

Back home, I assembled dinner - ham&swiss casserole - then packed lunch and hopped on the car for another round. I'm ready for a solid eight hours of napping, then I get to tackle fun Christmas lists.

Yesterday, I made my second trip to the mall in one Christmas season. Tigger and o quiickwalked from Dillards to the Apple store and in less than 30 min. We made a pitstpp at Williams-Sonoma on the way to test his nose with yummy smells. He wore his sunglasses and headphones to help against sound and bright.

Car's warm. Time to scoot.

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