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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I'm an office worker, not a grease monkey!
Busy Day

Last night, 24:52. Tonight 32:39. An improvement. I'm still looking at a two hour dinner tomorrow night.

Tonight I made four roundtrips with cartloads of boxes. And learned how to put air in the tire with the slow leak. Training the new scanner went great, but I had one scanner out and another relapsed with the virus going around. We're now storing extra TP in an unspecified location, as the cleaning lady told me that the three extra rolls she put in had been mysteriously appropriated.

We're dreadfully behind on scanning, somewhat on prep, and I keep going home feeling as if I've gotten nothing done.

Yet the boxes keep moving. We're getting 100 more tomorrow and still don't have a printout of the delivery on Wednesday.

Home now. Lifegroup tomorrow. Friday'kin is a sleepy'kin.

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Last night, 24:52. Tonight 42:39. An improvement.

I'm not sure what the times refer to... but yay for improvement!

Oops. The second number was supposed to read 32:49. It's hours worked this week. I should take a two hour dinner tonight to avoid overtime, but stick around in the breakroom so I'm available for questions and problems.

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