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I ran into a friend at church this weekend who misses keeping up with me through facebook. Lately, if it didn't fit in a tweet, it hasn't gotten to FB. So I'm going back to updating my journal more often.

I've been working near 40 hour weeks -- days even. I've gotten to spend a lot more time with Flar, and now that he's starting to get more energy post- transplant, he's been looking around at ways to help me keep up with the house, given less time at home.

We're grocery shopping together on Sundays, he's taken over loading the dishwasher, and if I get together the per-sorting-category instructions, he's going to take over the laundry.

Last weekend we cleaned the kitchen together. It had gotten crazy messy, and now it's cleaner than it's been in ages. We've got a rythym of cleaning now. Flat's job is breaking it down into steps and keeping us on task. I just clean as directed and it seems to be working. When I try it on my own, I get distracted and never finish.

When we cleaned the kitchen, we found our P.F. Chang's gift card that we got for Christmas. Flar knew they were offering 15% off for tax day, so we planned to eat there tonight. Then at the end of dinner he pulled out his warrior card instead of the gift card, so we get to go again for Christmas. ;)

Now that I'm working days, I've been eating dinner with Flar and Tigger, and only eating my nutrisysyem for breakfast and lunch on work days. I'd just about decided to quit. Nutrisysem, not work. ;). Then mom told me about an app she downloaded called lose it, and I started counting calories again.

It looks like I'm best off staying with nutrisysyem, but I canceled my autoship program and I'm going to start ordering ala carte to tailor to what I've actually been using.

We've been getting more quality time with Tigger, eating dinner together most evenings. Dinners out are the best - while we wait to be served, we get to hear about what he's doing at school and mangas he's reading and all manner of stuff.

Critter has spent more time at home this semester than last, which has been very nice. Of course, there's no comparison to last year, when he was at Rice This year, he was home for a week for spring break -- at Rice they no longer even have a traditional week long spring break.

Tigger's got his learners permit, and we've gotten to a rather slow start at practicing driving. He's learning on the car that will be his: my Beetle. I'm anticipating getting a car for me by September, when he'll be eligible to take the road test for his restricted license. This weekend Flar & I are going to test drive a lil red Porsche that my mechanic is selling.

There goes my idea to keep it to a five minute update. Nini all!

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