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A brief update on Flar

Flar is currently in the hospital, and I've been rather busy this week. I'm looking forward to sleeping 8 hours tomorrow night. Instead of driving to Louisville on Monday, he stayed home due to leg pain. I pointed out that pain bad enough to keep him from driving might need professional medical attention. He said he didn't have time to go to the doctor, but that he'd ask about it on Thursday at his clinic visit.

Tuesday, when he got into the car to drive to Louisville, the pain was bad enough that he headed to the clinic instead. He called me at work to let me know that they were admitting him due to blood clots. Since he is a transplant patient, they couldn't prescribe the home treatment of Lovinox shots and then Coumadin. Instead, they are giving him a heparin drip and coumadin, until they are happy with his PPT, and then they'll send him home on Coumadin. It takes at least three days.

Today, he asked his transplant doctor how the coumadin would affect his anticipated surgery to remove the Tenckhoff catheter. Blood thinners and surgery are not best friends. The coumadin hasn't had enough time to build to a therapeutic dose, so they stopped the hep drip and tried to work him into surgery today. The OR was all busy with emergency patients (silly OR), so now he's scheduled for surgery tomorrow at 1pm. To make up for him having to miss all his meals today in advance of surgery that didn't happen, I ordered him a Pepperoni Lovers pizza. (UK doesn't allow the delivery guys past the lobby, so patients need an accomplice to get pizza delivery.) They started his hep drip back up, with plans to stop it again at 8am.

Meanwhile, he's been spending his time in the hospital working on business stuff -- lots of phone calls, a proposal for a new project, details about the current project; reading -- finished the book he brought with him, the bio that Knight brought him and is almost done with the HH collection; watching TMC; practicing StarCraft on his laptop so he can play Tigger; and mostly Being Bored™. I've been coming to the hospital before and after work, and getting home no earlier than 9pm. Longish days.

In other news, Critter might actually be able to make a case for an iPad this fall, if he can get enough of his text books as eBooks. Tigger got a filling yesterday after helping me jumpstart my sluggish battery -- he held apart the cables while I attached them, and revved Critter's car (conveniently in our driveway this week) while I started mine up. And I've got an appointment at Sears Optical on Saturday to get an eye exam, new contacts and new glasses. I'm thinking of going to the mall early and letting the car people at my battery.

Tomorrow night is the Chili Cookoff and Open Mike Night at The Mat. I started my chili last Friday, and the spices have been merging while it sits in the fridge after the first four days of cooking. Tomorrow I get to warm it back up again and bring it to The Mat. If you're curious about the recovery programs at Quest, tomorrow's a great night to visit! There are groups for recovery from alcoholism to divorce to grief to anger management, just to name a few. Check it out online or come to the Cookoff! It starts at 6pm at Quest Community Church.
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