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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Winter and Spring are the better half of the year for me
LJ Idol Season 6 - Week 9 - The Better Half

Ah, the New Year. A clean state, a fresh start, a time of unfettered optimism and boundless dreams.

That lasts about 2 minutes after midnight: maybe it's the bubbly, maybe it's the sleep deprivation.

2009 has followed us into this New Year with old bills and old clutter and old tasks and repairs left undone. But 2010 looms ahead with improved outlooks for health and work and living. Where I was praying for a new kidney for Flar, I now pray for continued amazing recovery. While we still don't have finances figured out, I'm working full hours and looking toward full-time status with the company. Last year Flar and I experienced a renewal of hope in our marriage. We drew closer in the bad times; now we have better times to look forward to sharing.

I can't sweep clean the house in an hour like some reality show, but I archived all my old email, and I've kept my inbox clean so far. I let paperwork get totally out of control in the latter half of 2009, but I've made a start at getting it under control. Somehow the cold winter days bring out productive energy in me. The new year brings new challenges, but somehow it always brings new energy to tackle the challenges.

Now if only I can maintain and build on that energy so that it lasts into the second half of the year. :)


This entry was written for inclusion in The Real LJ Idol writing competition on Live Journal, Topic 9: The Better Half.

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New starts can't fix everything - but they're still nice.

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