Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Cookie Party!

I'm having another cookie-baking party. Just in time for holiday baking, it will be on Thursday night, the 19th of December, starting when you can get here, and ending around 10pm, or shortly thereafter, depending on baking times.

These have been pretty fun since I started having them. Everyone brings a recipe, special ingredients and cookie containers. Any cooks are welcome, but please let me know if you're coming, so I can plan to have enough butter, flour and sugar, etc. We can also benefit from extra cooling racks and cookie pans, and I'm hoping Ro will bring her kitchen-aid, to double the mixing capacity?

While we're all in the kitchen baking, Flar and the boys will be in the library, trimming the tree. So if you like helping with other peoples' Christmas trees, please join us for that.

Also, if you want the camaraderie of cooking, without cooking yourself, we have an opening for one dish-washer, and for anyone who just wants to keep us all company. There are always plenty of cookies to go around, and we've been known to bake ready-to-bake at these things, too.
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