Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
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A timeline

4:49 am First Call

There might be a kidney. After your dialysis is done, come in to draw blood. Expect to go home to wait 4 hours.

7:00 am Second Call

There might be two kidneys. Your chances of a transplant are better; Come to admitting instead of the transplant unit.

8:30 am Call to work

I'm going to be late this morning. ... I'm not sure when I'll be there; Matt may get a kidney today. I'm coming in after we talk to the doctor.

9:40 am Blood draws

She found a "good bleeder" for the draws/IV. Good thing, too. 11 vials of blood for testing.

History taken by student doctor. She crossed out Tigger's age when I said we were hoping to slide him by the "over 18" swine flu visitation restrictions.

The night doctor for the transplant team came in to answer questions about what to expect.

One of the nephrologists came by to tell Flar about a new anti-rejection drug therapy. An anti-psoriasis drug is being used for anti-rejection with good results.

Critter got to the room before I left to go to work. He stayed with Flar until his next class.

10:45 am Clocked in at work

Indexed the dailies. Switched to scanning. Had Chinese for lunch. Met with manager about forecast for my hours. Will be able to keep up with dailies, interested in full-time.

Pause to consider how great my job is, and how thankful I am for the people I work with and for.

Started scanning; phone call from Flar - surgery scheduled for 4pm.

How managers just KNOW when you're holding back tears, and ask anyway and hug with that tight kind of as long as you need it hug?

1:45 pm Clocked out; drove to hospital.

2:23 pm called C to ask her to pray, tell others, pickup Tigger at school & bring to hospital.

4 pm Flar moved to Pre-op. Nurses called Dr. Lock, the expert at removing rings.

5 pm Flar's wedding ring removed for the first time in 28 years, 6 months & 23 days.

Truly arrived and cane back to Pre-op.

C arrived with Tigger, who came back to Pre-op.

6 pm Flar wheeled into surgery.

7:20 pm Hospital tested fire alarm system. Flubbed starting the vidcam to catch CuppyKate faking a freakout.

Have I mentioned that even a studying CuppyKate is a welcome, cheerful addition to any waiting room?

8:20 pm OR nurse called to say they are closing.

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