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The weekend

Doesn't everyone count Friday as part of the weekend?

We've really gotten a lot done, although there's always more to do...

Friday was a weirdly hectic day. It took me longer than was reasonable to get the grocery shopping made, so I didn't get a whole lot done once I was home. I put away the cold parts of the groceries, ate lunch, and then talked to Turnip.

All of which meant that I wasn't concentrating on chess club, so I forgot that Flar had the chess club equipment bag still in his trunk from when I used it to drive to the tournament. I also forgot to take back the extra team shirts, and didn't update my database with new kids. I also totally flaked on getting any info together about the next tournament, which is the 7th. We don't have chess club this week, because of Thanksgiving, so it's going to be tricky, getting together a team roster in time for the tournament.

Turnip has a cold. We talked for a bit, and decided to talk the Monday after Thanksgiving, to share our versions of the holiday with each other. I'll also be able to wish him Happy Hannukah then. Maybe if I get my act together this week, I'll even put together his holiday gift in time for it to be a Hannukah gift, instead of a Christmas one. At least I know what I want to do for him, now. If I get a chance tomorrow, I can call around and see where to buy what I'd like, in town. Otherwise, I'll have to order it from the web and wait. I think I found what I need, there, at least.

I left the house in time to stop at Kroger on my way, to get a flu shot. At least that way, if I get sick, I'll know it's not the flu. :) They told me it'll take two weeks to take effect. Which immediately made me start suspecting that I'm coming down with a cold. Power of suggestion. Made interesting by staying up late, eating buttercream frosting, and working with cleaning chemicals.

Chess club was chaotic. Again, lots and lots of kids. We've a whole lot of new kids this year, especially in the lower grades, which is great. G got out back-up sets to cover for the equipment bag not being there, and also did some tutoring of the little ones at the beginning, which was cool. Flar arrived about half-way through, after sitting through amazingly bad traffic (the lights at Lexington Green were short-cycling), which was great. We were able to give one of the kids his trophy, that was awarded after he had to leave, and show the kids that all three teams had placed. By the time all the kids were gone and we'd packed up the supplies, we got to leave at 5:30.

Dinner was a 5 minute prep, which was good, since we got home so late. We watched something from the Satellite, then I read Narnia to the boys while I chopped the strawberries for Grace's cake. (I found my cookbook protector recently, which also does a great job at holding open, and protecting, paperback books.) I made the cake after they went to bed, then fell into bed myself.

Saturday morning I got up early enough before we needed to leave to take Tigger bowling, that I was able to run a load of laundry and check email. Tigger didn't have so much fun at bowling. He bowled 76 in the first game, which is over his average of 73, but then he only bowled 65 in the second game, so he was down. Two weeks ago, he bowled 80 and 120, and I think he was expected to do that well this week.

When we got home, Flar wanted to the boys to see the Bond movie. Tigger stayed home, because he wanted to spend some time in the house just playing. The latest Bond flick was good. The opening was a bit different from the norm, and I hadn't realized that MGM bought United Artists, so I was surprised by the lion at the beginning.

After the Bond movie, we came home to work on cleaning the house for Thanksgiving. Flar started working in the dining room, and I worked at sorting, folding and putting away laundry, and cleared off the top of the jacuzzi. I also put another load of laundry though.

By then it was time to make sausage balls for a "2nd Grade Parents and Teachers schmooze" that one of the parents was throwing. A couple that coincidently included a new client of Flar's. One of the things I enjoyed at the party was listening to him tell about what his business does, in much more detail than Flar had done. I also talked to some of the parents about the recent projects in 2nd grade. And there were a lot more parents at this party (compared to the 6 grade party we went to last school year) that openly talked about feeling the pinch of how expensive the tuition is. It made me feel much more like I fit in. At the last party, everyone seemed so well off and comfortable and at ease, and none worrying at all about money, etc. The food was yummy, and my sausage balls disappeared, so I know they were well received.

We stopped by Grace's on our way home, to give her birthday cake to her on her birthday. Her whole family has a nasty respiratory virus, and so I didn't go it. I joked that other people bring chicken soup, but I bring cake. The cake has quite a bit of carrots and strawberries in it, so it should be a good source of betacarotines and vitamin C. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Although we got home close to bedtime, we got to read one more chapter of Narnia before the kids and I both conked out.

I appear to be adjusting to an earlier schedule. I conk out shortly after the kids go to bed, and can't sleep in on Sundays. But at least today I didn't wake up with a monstrous migraine. In fact, Flar and I both woke up a little frisky, which seems like a rare event of late.

After we were both awake, he got up and fixed me breakfast in bed. I informed him that for me, oregano does not belong in eggs. After eating them anyway, since he'd gone to the trouble. Sigh. Some people can no longer seem to enjoy the simple tastes of plain food. Cheese eggs don't really even need salt and pepper -- that is, if the cheese is velveeta, which had its own supply of salt.

I keep thinking I'm coming down with a cold, then I drink a soda, and that cuts the phlegm, and I feel fine. We'll see.

I decided I wasn't quite ready to get up, especially when I heard the sound of Flar vacuuming the dining room. So I read a couple of chapters of Narnia to the boys first. When I got up and dressed, he was finished, so Tigger helped me mop. I handle the mop, he follows behind, drying the floor with work towels. It keeps the floor from streaking, and minimizes the amount of time that water is on the hardwood.

After we got done mopping, we went upstairs to see how far along Critter had gotten on cleaning the playroom, last night and this morning. It was really done, except for bits that would make vacuuming problematic. So Flar stayed up there and supervised them taking care of those last details, while I went downstairs to rest a bit.

At that point we decided to go out and get hair cuts. Critter's hair was once again doing a Starsky impression, and Tigger had been asking for a haircut, too. I decided to get my ends trimmed, since I don't have a lots of split ends, yet.

When we got home, Flar worked on endusting the mopped floor, and I got Critter to start the clean-up job on the blue bathroom. When Ouchy needed to be separated from the other dogs, and kept in a small space to keep her quiet, we chose the blue bathroom. That turned out to be a very messy decision, and I wish we'd remembered the travel crate sooner. She managed to knock things off the linens dresser, and the would *not* wait to be walked to potty, and well, the room was in pretty bad shape. And this was the first we'd had the time to really clean it. So I got Critter to start the job, by sorting out what belonged in the trash, and what could be cleaned and put back in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Tigger and I worked some on folding and sorting his clothes. A few days ago, he announced that he needed more sweaters, so we rummaged through the hand-me-downs, and found so many clothes for him, that he needs an overall. We started it this afternoon, and will have to work on it again -- but probably won't have enough time until Wednesday or Friday.

When Critter had finished getting the blue bathroom ready, Tigger helped Flar with the glass-work (windows and china cabinet), and I suited up for cleaning the blue bathroom. I got a bucket of bleach water, a bottle of soft-scrub, a brush, the bag of washcloths, and a couple of dry towels, and donned vinyl gloves and knee pads. Critter stood by as gofer, and then fixed dinner for us: mostaccioli and meat sauce, with garlic toast. I worked on the lower walls, cabinet work and toilet as I worked my way through the room, concentrating on the floor. By the time I was done, I'd gotten Tigger to clean the stuff that was pulled out, and bring it, I'd polished the tile counter and both mirrors, and had candles in all the holders and toilet paper replaced on the holders.

The blue bathroom and the diningroom are sparkly and ready to be set for Thanksgiving dinner. (Which includes getting out the Thanksgiving centerpiece.)

I finished reading The Last Battle tonight, and the boys and I have decided to tackle a collection of the works of Lewis Caroll next. Which begins with Alice in Wonderland.

And tomorrow:
  • Really, honestly, sitting down to pay bills
  • Cleaning the master bathroom
  • Cleaning the jacuzzi room and laundry area
  • Maybe get my van back?
  • Chess club stuff

And now for bed.

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