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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Bibble of a busyish weekend
Busy Day
Critter came out for a visit tonight. He drove CuppyKate to work and hung out here, which is closer to the mall than campus is. He left with a small tin of cookies, and our french press set. The dorm rules specifically forbid coffee makers, but microwaves are okay, so he can make coffee without breaking the rules. :)

I caught up with a lot of TV this weekend, and got the kitchen cleaned with the exception of half the table. We bought material and a costume for Tigger for Halloween. Tigger is helping make the robe (in orange, not black): he put the fabric in the wash - I moved it to the dryer. He cleared off half the jacuzzi top and cut out the pattern pieces. Critter sat and transcribed class notes while I ironed the material and pattern for Tigger's Halloween costume. I was going to cut it out tonight, but Flar talked me into coming to bed with him. I brought receipts to enter into Quicken, but I've thus far successfully found other distractions before buckling down to work.

I fixed hamburger stroganoff for dinner (the Sunday dinner kind, which happens midday, and is followed up later by a small supper - in this case, two chocolate chip cookies) tonight. Flar's nutritionist prefers for me to use Cream of Mushroom soup over sour cream, so that made it easy. I made cheese quesadillas for snacketizers for Critter and me, as well.

Flar has decided he likes my seltzer water. I generally drink it a liter at a time, so it's a bit weird to share, but it's fun that he "gets" why I like it. :)

Kidcare was busy this morning. There were 21 kids in the 11:30 service, and they were all great at lining up and sitting around the table and going to big group. Except for one boy who was pushing and hitting, and even once bit. The great thing about the way we do kidcare, is that if there a serious behavior problem, we get to pass the buck to our team leader, who isn't in the room with the kids and can give one on one time to the problem child. I'll be praying for L. I've seen such great changes over the years in kids who just couldn't seem to get along with other children and have learned to share and offer toys to comfort children crying for their parents, etc.

Yesterday I threw together a tasty casserole from ingredients we had on hand. I found a nifty recipe search site that helped with that. It has an input field for your ingredients, will let you emphasize some, exclude ingredients, etc. It finds recipes that only use what you've listed, as well as others - and tells you in the results summary if you have all the ingredients, or what else you need.

Tigger had a birthday party/sleepover Friday night, so I got up Saturday in time to drive him home, then when Grace and T brought TT over here, I showed Grace cruise pictures while T worked on the heating system.

We have heat now, yay! Grace read in my facebook comments that we didn't have the heat on yet, and offered her hubby to fix it. There was nothing broken, but Flar prefers a professional to check out the works before we fire up the boiler. T was happy to take a look at it for us, declared everything to be shipshape, and now we have heat. Tigger is hermitting upstairs in the cold more, but Flar is more comfortable out in the family room now. We've got four zones/air handlers in the house, and keep them all on different temps. Our bedroom is on compromise-high (78°F), the family room on compromise-low (currently 70°F, but Tigger and I may sneak it down to 68°F), Flar cranks it up in his office and then back down when he goes back downstairs (if he remembers), and Tigger's got the thermostat officially changed from cool to heat, with the setting pegged low (the point is to keep the upstairs temp just warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing). It's weird, but it seems to work.

We watched the pilot for White Collar today. Total eye candy and amusing situations. I think I'm going to like it. :)

I was a little disappointed in the latest Stargate: Universe. I totally guessed what the ship was up to, as soon as they said it was headed into the star. But I did like Math Boy getting to: (1) show Rush the ship's exterior; (2) hold hands with his crush and (3) figure out Rush's idea and solve the math first.

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So exactly what is Tigger's costume considered to be when done in orange? In David Weber's "Safehold" series of novels, the priests of the Church of God Awaiting wear orange...

The original idea was a Buddhist or Krishna monk.We'lll see what the robe suggests once it's completed.

I love Supercook. A friend told me about it, and I swear by that site when staring at the cabinets come dinnertime.

Take that, anti-google commercials! I found it by googling "recipe by ingredient"

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