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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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An introduction for LJ Idol, Season 6
Idol 6
LJ Idol Season 6 - Intro

I just returned from my best vacation ever. We sailed from LA the day after my 48th birthday, and docked in Miami this morning.  I wrote about it as it was happening, but really the very best part of my vacation was the time I spent with my husband, Flar. We have been married over 28 years now, and celebrated our 31st sexiversary during the cruise. In the past few years, our relationship has been pretty rocky, but during the trip we really got to enjoy each other and in 15 days, we didn't have a single fight. This was a vacation first for us. 

Flar is a kidney patient, currently in peritoneal dialysis. Our vacation was almost "ruined" by an offer of a transplant the Monday before we left. If you've type O blood and feeling a bit of a Seven Pounds itch, message me. 

We have two sons. Critter is almost 20, and Tigger is 15 and a half. Critter is a sophomore at UK, studying mechanical engineering for an aerospace certificate. He lives on campus, but we get to see him at least every other week, when he comes home to use our washer/dryer.  Tigger is a freshman in high school, and he just showed that he could survive two weeks "on his own" with our friends roina_arwen and knightaudit looking in on him for us.  Both of my sons are the best you could ever hope for: loving and kind-hearted, each with their own unique personalities, interests and goals for their lives. 

I was born and raised a Navy brat with born-again Christian parents from Houston, TX and one older brother. He was born in the Phillipines; I was born in Key West. I am a wholehearted follower of Jesus, although my path has been a kind of messy one, from praying for forgiveness and salvation at 2, to fully offering my life to Him at 44. If that builds a specific picture of me in your mind, you might be surprised.
My church community is at Quest Community Church, in Lexington, KY. We live in Nicholasville, just south of Lexington. 

I earned a BA in computer science a year after Flar and I married, and I worked as a systems programmer until Critter was born. I retained my fascination with technology, but not currency in the industry over the years  Now that I'm interested in reentering the job market fulltime, I'd rather find a comfortable job as a computer savvy administrative support type, than tackle the current programming world. Currently I have a parttime second shift job in data imaging. 

When I write in my journal, it tends to be the dear diary stuff of daily activities, or events of note. Occasionally I write about deep thinking or just silly stuff. Until my vacation, I hadn't been updating very frequently. I tend to cycle between too much time on the net and ignoring it almost completely.

Nearly all my journal is public, and I welcome friends but also feel no insult if you drop me from your reading list. I tend to respond to LJ friendings in kind, and then once or twice a year trim away people that have dropped me.  I rarely stay up-to-date with my friends-list reading, but I tend to be responsive to comments, inbox messages and email.  I'm also on facebook & Twitter, and wordy me actually likes the shorter format for updates. I especially appreciate the "like" option on busy days. :)

This will be my third season of LJ Idol, and I'm looking forward to the social interaction it brings. 

Good luck everybody!


This entry was written for inclusion in The Real LJ Idol writing competition on Live Journal, Season 6, Topic 0: Introduction.

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Hi there! Nice to meet you! Did you use your husband's "real" name up there by accident? I wasn't sure and just wanted to check since you were using a different name in the rest of the post.

I am type O, but unfortunately, I've got a history of diabetes in my family, so I've got to hold on to my bits in case one of my relatives needs one (or I do!).

Good luck and I hope you guys find a transplant soon!

Thanks for the catch. :)

Yep, history of diabetes, high blood pressure - all sorts of things can knock out a candidate for a kidney donation. I hope your relatives and you able to stay healthy. There are have been so many advancements in diabetes prevention and management over the years, I hope you and family benefits from them. :)

Thanks for the good wishes. :)

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Nice to meet you! I hope that you find a donor quickly, and on a much more minor note, that you enjoy your season of LJ Idol. This is season 2 for me. I've added you, as you seem welcoming of new friends; please feel free to friend me back.
Did you go through the Panama Canal? That's something I would love to do!

Thanks. They tell us that we are likely to be getting more calls from the donor list, now that he's gotten one.

Yes, we went through the Canal. It really is an amazing feat of engineering, and I feel lucky to have been able to see it in action.

The "like" button is awesome. Sometimes I wish we had that for LJ, too.

Sometimes it's just the right thing to say. Totally. :)

Welcome back. I'm glad you just had a fantastic vacation. You deserved it.

Thank you! It was a wonderful blessing. :)

I wish that my mother had had the good sense to name me Critter because that is seriously the best name ever.

Heh. It's actually a nickname. His name is Christopher, and about 3 hours after he was born was the first time I called him Critter. It seemed the natural nickname. :)

Hi there! It definitely has been great to see your posts again! I'm glad you had a great vacation but sorry Flar didn't get the transplant. Hugs.

Our vacation was wonderful and greatly needed. One call is a precursor to more, so we are very hopeful. :)

Congrats on the fantastic vacation. Sounds like you had an awesome time. :)

This was a great intro. I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to be writing about in the future!

I hope you guys find a kidney soon and I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation so much. I'm glad you're back!

Best of luck this season.

(Deleted comment)
Glad you're back in the running, and w00t for good vacations! *huggles*

Thanks. It's good to be back. :)

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