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Green Champagne and Red Tank Bra

Wednesday Night

After we recovered from our excursion, we went to the Emerald Reception. The jewelry store onboard, Colombian Emeralds International, took on a huge shipment of emeralds at Cartagena, and they had some of them on display for a private party for the suites guest. I wanted to go because my bowling partner worked in the shop, and because they were serving green champagne. They had also decorated with green balloons; it was very festive. But the emeralds were all totally beyond our current pocketbook, so we looked and then went out to dinner.

We ate dinner at Indigo, where we were seated in a completely different part of the dining room. It turns out that the Indigo is much bigger than we had imagined. After looking at the menu, we decided that the appetizers looked the most appealing, so we each had a four course dinner of appetizers. We started with fried shrimp wontons, then melon and prosciutto that included watermelon in addition to the usual cantaloupe. For our third course, I had island fruits with vanilla bean and rosemary. The rosemary added at strange note to the fruits, but when I stirred the vanilla bean around in the juice, it released its seeds and flavored the fruits wonderfully. I don't usually like honeydew, but it tastes wonderful with vanilla. Flar had a Thai soup dish while I ate the fruit; I don't remember the name of it, but it was a dish he'd eaten before and he said the flavor was a bit different. We both finished with New England clam chowder. I'd had clam chowder at Cagney's, which was richer, but this one was nice.

For dessert, we order the strawberry Napoleon with Grand Marnier and a cheese plate. The cheese was yummy, but the Napoleon was yet another not-a-Napoleon, yet good tasting dessert. I swear, I'm going to see if there is a Cordon Bleu definition of Napoleon and learn to make it for Flar.

After dinner, we went by the casino, but there was no action at the tables Flar like to play. I asked if he'd mind if I tried the quarters game that pushes coins forward until they drop off into the payment bin. It's mesmerizing to watch, but I stopped after I used up all the five dollars I started with. Later, I dreamed that I played again and it took all my money. I've decided it's more fun to watch than play.

We went back the room to get Flar settled in bed, and I ended up deciding to blow off the late shows I'd been interested in, in favor of puttering. First, I entered activities from the Daily Freestyle into my calendar. We decided to order breakfast in the room in the morning, so after we made our order, I cleaned off the table. Then, because one of the activities in which I was interested was the juggling workshop, I sorted the laundry and washed out my bamboo socks. Finally, before I went to sleep for the night, I gave Flar a nice foot-and-ankle rub with the oil and gel from the spa. It's supposed to help with muscle ache and with swelling, and his feet were swollen from the day's activities.

Our Fifth Day at Sea

This morning, we had breakfast in the room at 8am. Along with our breakfast, we opened the complimentary champagne that came with the room, and made mimosas. After we'd both eaten, we were ready to go back sleep. I didn't wake up again until 1:15! That put the kibosh on any poolside plans, since the juggling class was at 2:45, and we were planning to go by the cruise planning office beforehand. We bought three "cruise rewards" memberships, which act in lieu of deposit on a cabin and can be used anytime in the next four years. The plan is for Knight & Ro to use one of them, and Bébé & Scarlett to use the other, and for all of us to go on the Epic next year.

Then I set off to the Spinnaker Lounge by way of the internet café to attempt to return the ethernet cable I'd gotten at the beginning of the cruise (no-one at the desk: their hours are 10-noon and 7-9pm), and the photo gallery, where I didn't see any more pictures I wanted to buy.

The juggling workshop was informative, but I've got a lot of practice ahead of me before I'd go so far as to claim I can juggle. I can throw them middling well, but I can't catch worth a darn. They said socks are harder than balls, because socks are lighter, so I may try at home with balls.

After the workshop, I sat and read awhile in a chair that faced out to sea. Once, the ship hit a wave just right, and there was a huge white spray on our side. A few seconds after that, I saw a clear rainbow right outside my window. I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife now. I like the way it kind of jumps around and just writes in important vignettes. It makes sense to me that a book about a time traveler wouldn't be quite linear.

My next activity was the Martini Tasting in Bar City. Our bartender/instructor was a hoot. Besides educating us about martinis and telling us the recipes as he made each drink, he also told jokes, and even taught us one bar trick. We got five shot glasses with martinis in them, and a bonus vodka slammer - made by dropping a shot glass of vodka straight into a beer mug of Sierra Mist. He lined up all the beer mugs side-by-side, then balanced the shot glasses between each pair of beer mugs, then knocked them all in domino-style by hitting one end with the last shot glass. I sat next to a couple from southern California, who are born-again Christians and Harley riders. They were very fun. By the time I went back up to the room, I was very very looped.

We went to the Captain's VIP Farewell Party before dinner at La Cucina. We talked with a women who has been on 28 cruises. When I told her my late evening plans to play the Quest game, she told me it was a scavenger hunt, and advised me to bring my purse. We had a very nice dinner at La Cucina. Last time, there was way too much food if we had antipasti, pasta, AND an entrée. This time, we both had antipasti, then Flar had spaghetti with meat sauce, and I ordered a sausage, ham, onion & mushroom pizza. With extra cheese. Flar really wanted to try the lobster ravioli, but he didn't have enough appetite for a full plate, and they were sweet enough to bring him one ravioli. I had a cheesecake for dessert that had a wonderful hard caramel decoration on top.

After dinner, we went back to the room and had a nice time sitting and chatting on the balcony. I set up Flar's bags and sat down to putter around on the computer a bit, and then I went out to the Liar's Club show and the Quest game show. Sharkbait was in both of them, and they have become my favorite comedy act on the ship. They even told the truth about the definitions of trion and pissonia.

The Quest game show was a hoot. I had moved down closer to the front to find a likely team, and a found a couple from Australia and one from Britain sitting around one of the couches, who were glad to include me. We had a ball! The game involved bringing up our team number and whatever object they called out. At first, the objects were ordinary, like a Daily Freestyle, a business card or money. I haven't been carrying money on ship, but tonight was the first night I had left my personal cards back in the room. ah well. Then things started getting fun, when they asked for a full set of dentures, and then started to ask for actions. By the end of the show, I'd done 10 sit-ups and a really bad rendition of The Worm, kissed one of the other women, dumped out my purse and wriggled out of my sports bra for one of the men to go up shirtless, pantsless, wearing my bra and the other couple's wife's lipstick and shoes. It was a hilarious show - we spent the whole time laughing and just had great fun.

Now it's time to enter activities for our last day at sea in my calendar and toddle off to bed.
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