Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

The rest of the day

Went by Bébé's house on the way home from school today, and sat and talked awhile. We settled what we're doing for Thanksgiving; the boys ate a Jeno's pizza apiece, and Critter mulched his front lawn for him. We plan on getting back there Saturday or Sunday for him to finish the job.

Flar had a dinner meeting tonight, and the boys opted for leftovers for dinner. I'd had leftover pizza for lunch, so I decided to fix myself a ham & cheese omelet. And one for Critter, as well. Tigger wants to learn to make them, but his first attempt at flipping one (mine) broke it, so now he understands he'll need much practice. I see a lot of broken omelets in my future.

Flar and I sat down and talked holiday schedules. He also got a check in today's mail, so I should have even more money to pay bills with on Monday.

I figured out a present to make for Flar, and one for Turnip. And I've an idea of something that Wolf would like. And, figuring out the present for Turnip got me out of my funk. I think. Waiting is.

Tomorrow I've a cake to make, so groceries to shop for, including the Thanksgiving supplies. And then chess club. Prolly make that cake after school.
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