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Huatulco & Puerto Quetzal

Written on Thursday -

Flar blew off the fishing excursion in Hualtulco, and we slept in. We ate breakfast in the Great Outdoors, which is completely shaded. I had an everything omelet And a sticky bun, and a couple of figs with apple juice. I'm getting really spoiled by the figs. :)

After breakfast, Flar went back to the cabin to turn it into his cave, and I went poolside. I swam a couple of laps and then listened to UAsked4It: How Can I Hear God's Voice? The sun started to encroach my lounge, so I went back to the room to updat LJ and check email, facebook, etc.

Then it was time for the basic Salsa class. 30 minutes of salsa class more than replaced my morning walk!

I had to bow out before we partnered up, but I think I can remember salsa now just by hearing 1-2-3 5-6-7.

After I worked up a sweat in the Spinnaker lounge, I meandered slowly through the shops (yes, there is a Christmas ornament, and thimbles and key chains. Does a model of the ship fit into Critter's miniature building collection? I didn't see any lapel pins..) to cool off, then settled into a window seat in bar city to sip on a Godiva Truffletini and read the latest Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol.

Written on Friday -

Last night, I met Flar before dinner on our room and we ate dinner in the Indigo Dining Room. We shared a table with a couple from Louisville. Possibly the only other couple from Kentucky on the ship!

I had a Corvinna filet for my entrée -doubling the number of fish dinners on the trip - how healthy. :) I joined the true spirit of cruise dining by ordering two desserts instead of choosing between them: a banana soufflé with amaretto sauce and an almond panna cotta. Very compatible flavors, and I only ate half of each.

After dinner, Flar headed to the Casino and I followed him by way of the photo gallery and our cabin. I picked up the folio I'd purchased with a picture of the Norwegian Pearl on one side and our portrait with the captain on the other. The portrait came with four wallet photos to share.

By the time I joined Flar in the casino, he'd doubled his evening stake of $100, so he was ready to leave. He says it's time to go when either he doubles his money or loses it all.

We retired early, without going to the show. I took a cool bubblebath & Flar went straight to sleep. When I input information in my calendar from the Friday schedule. I found that it was time to set our clocks back an hour -- we've set our clocks forward two nights, so that puts us back in mountain time for the moment.

This morning, we woke really early because of the time change. Even with all the time I spent washing, dressing, lotioning, and packing my purse, we were out of the room by 8 am. We ate breakfast in the Summer Palace on a whim. It's the fancier of the two dining rooms, and we haven't gone there for dinner yet. I had apple juice, a chocolate croissant, melon, eggs benedict and french toast.

After breakfast, we strolled off the shop over to the marketplace. There were beautiful handcrafts. We bought a belt and pouch for Tigger, who has mentioned wanting them. I found a really pretty hairband, and Flar haggled a great price for a hand embroidered table runner. We both picked out postcards, and then wrote on them to mail from Puerto Quetzal.

When we returned to the ship, it was only 10am. Plenty of time to take a nice morning nap. I decided to wander on my own for lunch, and ate at Cagny's. The strip was good, but the fries were excellent. I had a nice meal at a table by the window, where I had a view of Puerto Quetzal and the Tahitian Poolside. I'm reading Dan Brown's The List Symbol, which is a quick read. I moved down to Bar City after my meal to read with cool jazz playing in the background.

I took a break from reading to playing the trivia game, which was British trivia. My fellow teammates were from Texas, and I'm afraid we made a poor showing: 4 correct out of 18. We might have guessed correctly on two that were thrown out - the official answer was contested by too many of the Brits.

We wrote that Tom Jones was the first Welsh singer with a number one hit, and that George Lazenby was the first James Bond. The official answers were Engelbert Humperdink(sp?), whom the Brits claimed wasn't Welsh, and Sean Connery. The host speculated that Casino Royale doesn't count as part of the series?

Tonight we are participating in the Murder Mystery Dinner.
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