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Or, wow, who knew it was so big/developed/modern? :)

We decided to stay aboard ship in Acapulco, but we enjoyed the view from the ship.

The spa offers special pricing for in-port days, so I made an appointment for a 20-20-20: 20 minutes each: body scrub, neck massage and foot massage.

Flar and I ate breakfast in the Garden Café, which has a very nice breakfast buffet. I chose the eggs benedict, and I think I continued a plan of moderate eating. It's hard to judge on a cruise ship! I'm afraid I wore Flar out after breakfast, taking him with me on the jogging track. We walked at a leisurely rate, but he really doesn't have his usual energy level these days. He settled into a chaise lounge to cheer me on through the rest of my walking, after he walked a lap with me.

I wandered the ship a little, found a shady chair available, and read until the sun moved onto me. Then I went back up to the cabin, where I updated Live Journal and lay down for a nap. The spa called me for my appointment - I'd messed up the time on my iPhone, so it was an hour behind. I've got it fixed, for now. :) My body scrub and massage were very nice - leaving my skin very happy and my muscles as relaxed as they get. I got a nice smelling oil and refreshing gel to use myself, and share with Flar.

When I came back to the room, I read and relaxed for the prescribed hour that I was to leave the oil to soak into my skin. Then Flar and I went out together. We ate an early dinner at poolside and then swam and soaked in the hot tub. We were ready to go just in time to see the early showing by the magician.

I am such an easy target for magicians. I know all about misdirection and all that, but I still miss the "how," which makes magic shows wonderful for me to watch. This one included levitation, a lady shut into an increasingly smaller box, then poked with swords, an appearing & disappearing cabinet, from which the magician produced two beautiful girls and himself under three silk covers. He did some funny audience interaction bits, and finished up with Houdini's tranformation trick.

We went back to the cabin to rest up, but on the way I picked out our picture with Captain and arranged to buy it, and then signed up for the celebrity bowling tournament. Flar tired to "nap up" enough energy to go watch me, but it just put him to sleep for the night. No wonder -- the tournament started at 10:30pm. The tournament was open to 16 guests, who would be paired with 16 officers from the ship. I was paired with a really cute guy who works in one of the boutiques. We played two games last night (four teams to a lane made for a long night), and the lowest four teams were eliminated.

My partner started out with a strike and scored a solid 148 for the first game -- high for these lanes. I only bowled 92, but that made up the high team on our lane. We both bowled much worse in the second game - he bowled 92 and only made 57! Occasionally the rolling of the ship would directly affect the path of the ball, but I think we were all affected by the no-sliding approach and what seemed like a shorter lane. Anyway, I went back to the cabin at 2am all jazzed that my team gets to play in the next level of the tournament. There are two more nights in the tournament. The second night, there will be two more games before more teams are eliminated, and the final night there will be eliminations after one game, and the final game will determine the winning teams. I don't think there's a prize, but by advancing to the next level of the tournament, I'll already be getting one more game of bowling than the fee of $15 would get me if I were just playing games on my own. :)

Cinder once sent me a card that said essentially: Let's go to Canada and go bowling, then when we're old, we can remind each other about that one time, when we went to Canada, to go bowling. When Flar had gotten the cruise decision down to two ships, my choice was determined by the fact that this ship had bowling lanes. So when Flar and I are old, we can remind that one time, when we went on a cruise to go bowling. :)

Oh, and Ro! Your icon with the pretty lady and the red cover is on one of the walls in the Bliss Ultra Lounge, where the lanes are. You and Knight have GOT to go on the Epic with us next year! It's got to be seen to be believed. :)

Other fun stuff. Our Cruise Director's name is Julie. That was the name of the CD on Love Boat, right?

Also, on the first morning onboard, while we were eating breakfast, the sound system started playing Iris. It was like Critter was with us, and CuppyKate was calling him. :)

Totally loving the cruise. Flar is working on getting more sleep. :)
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