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Second Day at Sea

We started our day with breakfast at Cagney's after a long snooze. There was a thunderstorm Monday night, with pretty lightning and distant rolling thunder, which served only to make sleeping more inviting. I had steak and eggs for breakfast, along with fruit from the buffet and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Flar had the french toast. We found out there are berries, if you ask for them. I had some whipped cream left over from my hot chocolate, so I had berries and cream. Yummy!

When we got back to our room, my plan was to take advantage of the "get half your minutes back" special. However, we'd forgotten to set our clocks forward an hour, so I missed the window by 4 minutes. Or so I thought. It turns out that the special was 8a-10PM, not am as I'd thought. I ended up getting 30 minutes back. Whee. :)

After updating Live Journal, I took a turn around the jogging track while Matt napped. There was quite a wind yesterday, so I did the bare minimum of 5 laps to get my mile in. So far, I've been keeping my commitment to myself to walk the track every day that we aren't on an excursion. I haven't been using C25K, since I'm really not up to the jogging yet. Instead, I've been fast-walking through the sunny parts of the track, and slow walking in the shade.

After my walk, I had a nice lunch in the Garden Café. After I ate, I made up a tray to bring Flar - just a light sandwich and some iced tea. He was still asleep when I got back to the cabin, but he ate his lunch like a good boy. ;)

On Monday night, I'd decided to put into my calendar all the events that interested me, with a five minute alarm. These are the events I skipped on Tuesday: Pastry Demo at 10:30 am (we'd just awakened), Lightning Fast Art Auction (I think I was eating lunch), Cruise Critic's Cabin Crawl (I'd lain down for a nap and just gotten comfy when it would have been time to go), and Tagalog language lesson. So far, I know how to say Tita, which means Auntie. Our butler told me that it would be a term of endearment for our housekeeper from the Phillipines.

We woke in time to dress up for Cocktails with the Captain at 5:15. I wore a rhinestone clip in my hair, and a seed pearl necklace with dangly butterfly earrings. I even stuck one of my sticky rhinestone designs on my back right shoulder. I wore my black halter dress and a wrap made from my white embroidered sarong. I even wore kitten heels. Flar wore a black dress shirt and his white jacket -- very much the southern gentleman. We met the chief engineer, who talked about his ship like it was his baby (just like Scotty!), and got to have our picture taken with the Captain. The reception was in Family Cabin of the Courtyard Suites. The living room of the family cabin is quite spacious, and it has its own private courtyard with seating and a hot tub. The Courtyard is much larger, with a small pool, hot tub and lots of comfortable seating. The courtyard is surrounded on all sides - open to the sky, with a moving ceiling in case of weather. It didn't have nearly the breeze that the rest of the ship had yesterday, and seemed to be much warmer than the other outside decks.

After the reception, we had cocktails in bar city before our dinner at La Cucina. As we were waiting to be seated at La Cucina, two sisters were asking to taste the meat sauce. The hostess came to tell us that we would be sitting at a larger table rather than a table for two, so we invited the sisters to share our table. They didn't have a reservation, so it meant they could be seated right away. The table was a six-top, so we were seated with chairs separating us, as if we were at two tables. The portions at La Cucina are quite generous. We had antipasti, then ordered pasta with our meals. The waiter suggested small portions of pasta, but he didn't warn us how large the entrée portions were. I left quite a lot on my plate so that I could order dessert, which was delicious. A trio of custards: vanilla, chocolate & citrus.

We had originally planned to go from dinner at 7pm to the 8pm comedy show in the lounge, before the Second City Comedy show in the theater. The concierge alerted the restaurant staff to our plans when he made our reservation, but we decided to forgo the warm-up show and let the staff know they didn't need to rush. I enjoyed being able to linger longer over the entrée and dessert.

The Second City Comedy troupe was very entertaining. Before the show started, there was a slide show of trivia about Second City. So much of the show was improv, that we're looking forward to seeing more performances of SC later in the cruise. The last time I cruised, I missed out on the shows. I'm really enjoying getting to see the shows on the cruise.

After dinner, we were both ready to fall into bed and sleep right away. The room was quite warm, so we turned down the thermostat, and activated the quick-cool option, but opened the balcony door to keep it from being too chilly for Flar. So far, we've had an easy time of making the room a good compromise temperature for both of us.

The butler brings us snackies each evening. Last night, the snacks were chocolate-covered strawberries. Very yummy. Each morning, Tita refills our ice bucket. I'm really enjoying the luxury of Suite Life. :)
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