Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Cabo San Lucas

Yesterday the ship docked in Cabo San Lucas at 10 am. We had pre-booked an excursion: the Nikki Beach Escape, and met in the Stardust Theater at 11am prior to boarding a tender for the shore. When we arrived in Cabo, we gathered around the man holding the Nikki Beach sign, and then trooped over to the travel agency's bus loading area. We rode a bus over to a Melia hotel, whose private beach access was reserved for our excursion.

We had our own large mattress, two chaise lounges and a bean bag, with a large beach umbrella for shade. We brought our own beach towels from the ship, and towels were also provided for us by Nikki. They served iced tea and lemonade throughout the day, and for lunch we had a plate of chicken and beef fajitas with pico de gallo, guacamole and two quesadilla wedges. The water was a perfect temperature to cool down without shivering. It was clear and the waves were strong. After my first day submerging in the wave pool onboard ship, I'm trying to keep my head out of salt-water. The taste is disorienting. ;) We baked and bathed until 3pm, reading and waving off the beach vendors. Eventually I did talk Flar into a colorful rug for our family room.

We returned to the ship before 4pm and lay down for a short nap. I think Flar woke up a few times, but once the ship started up, I was out like a light until 10pm. We've been sleeping with the balcony door open, and the sound of the waves is better than any sleep machine I've ever heard. We ordered room service to have a bit of a bedtime snack, and then I went out for drinks before "real" bedtime: a bottle of water for Flar, and a glass of club soda and a glass of diet Pepsi for me. I drank some of the club soda getting ready to sleep, but all of the diet Pepsi was there for me in the morning. We slept through the night with the waves crashing and a short thunderstorm adding flashes and rumbles sometime in the middle of the night.

While we were on the beach, Flar helped me keep track of whether I was properly shaded. I turn bright red with the heat, but once we were back in the room, we could see that I had avoided getting any sunburn. Yay for Mary Kay and beach umbrellas!
Tags: vacation

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