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No really, I exercised!

(written last night - "today" refers to Sunday)
A Day at Sea

Today we breakfasted in Cagny's Steakhouse, which serves breakfast and lunch to the suite guests. There is a small buffet with everything from creamed herring to figs to danish to croissant to cantaloupe and all things in between, with apple juice and orange juice to drink. That is for starters, but breakfast includes table service as well. Flar had steak and eggs with coffee and orange juice and a plate of goodies from the buffet. I started with figs and cantaloupe and an almond danish, then ordered eggs benedict made with a crab cake instead of ham, and dill in the hollandaise, with hot chocolate & whipped cream and apple juice to drink.

After breakfast, Flar napped while I walked the jogging track. I ran the first day of my C25K program, but jogging was beyond me, much less running, so I switched between fast and slow walking for my exercise. I like the C25K app on my iPhone. It let me listen to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" on my iPod and just gave reminders for Warm Up, Walk/Run & Cool Down. The jogging track runs around the aft tower, circling Cagny's, shuffleboard, driving range golfer's cage, basketball court, tanning beds (the natural sunlight variety), a giant chess set and shady beds (the same kind of chaise lounges, just under cover). There is a nice view of the ocean, the wake of the boat, and the pool deck during the walk. There's another feature on the sport deck that might have been the base for setting up horse shoes or a similar aiming/throwing game.

I came back to the room to find Flar on the balcony enjoying the view. I invited him to join me at the pool. We swam in the wave pool, which has a waterfall at one end, then dried out in the sun before we had lunch on the pool deck. I covered up halfway through drying off, because I'd neglected sunscreen on anything but my face, but I still managed a mild sunburn on my shoulders and chest. My beach outfit tomorrow will include the coverup with the higher neckline. ;)

I'm still managing to exercise some restraint in eating. I didn't fill up my plate at breakfast, and my lunch plate was about one-third veggies. I actually like veggies when someone else takes the time to make them taste yummy. ;)

After lunch, we went back to the room and napped. I got up for a bubble bath at one point, then wrote up my journal entry about yesterday. By the time I'd written it and gotten online for a few minutes to upload the post, download email and respond to some LJ and facebook comments, it was time to get ready for dinner. Today they were having a two-for-one special in one of the extra-cost restaurants, so we'd made reservations at Mambo's, the tex-mex restaurant.

The meal included a complimentary margarita, which tempted me into having a full-sized frozen one. Our waitress overheard us discussing the desserts, and offered to serve us our meal in reverse order. So we started with our desserts, progressed to dinner, and ended with appetizers. It was quite fun. I had Mexican chocolate cake with a caramel glaze (sort of like a dolce de leche gel), then skewers of swordfish and shrimp (fish that I liked, woot!) with plantains and spanish rice, and finally a bowl of black bean soup doctored with Flar's unappreciated guacamole. In a continuation of restraint, I left most of the cake behind (but I peeled off the caramel to eat all of it), half of one of the skewers and the plantains and all of the rice. I ate only part of the soup, but I took my margarita with me and finished it off during the comedy show.

We were late to the Spinnaker Lounge where the comic was performing, so our seats were not ideal, but we didn't miss much of the show. He was pretty funny, and even did a pretty good rendition of the drum solo from Inna Gadda Vida, or In a Garden of Eden as I learned tonight was the original title.

The comic finished up in time for us to scurry over to the Stardust Theater to watch the Sea Legs showgirl revue. The music was good; the lead female singer was especially nice. In addition to a troop of long legged beauties, there were two male dancers and a male-female ballet couple. Their parts in the revue began as simply dances with lifts and sculpture-style movements, but the male dancer stepped it up in his next bit with a beautiful display on a hanging ring. The final bit featuring these two was an impressive duet with hanging ropes that really showed off their strength and grace. The Jean Ann Ryan company will be performing again during the cruise and I'm looking forward to their next show.

We've come back to the room now, and it's time to rest up for an excursion to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow for the Nikki Beach Bash.
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