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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Happy Birthday to me. :)
I had a wonderful birthday.

I was wide awake once my alarm reminded me to wake up Tigger. He fixed orange sweet rolls for us breakfast, then asked me to drive him to school today. I deposited a check on the way home, then scurried around cleaning up various parts of the house preparatory to leaving town.

Knight took me out for an early lunch at Cracker Barrel, then drove Flar and I to the airport. I almost managed to leave our passports on the scanner, but I remembered them in time. whew!

We had plenty of time in Atlanta, where we hung out in the Delta Crown Room. There was a pretty nice buffet spread, and free internet to mooch.

Then Flar worked his persuasion mojo, and sweet-talked the gate agents into upgrading me along with him for the flight to LA. We got to fly in Business Elite on a 777 - pretty swank. :) lie flat beds oriented diagonal to the direction of travel,
USB power availability and an individual LCD screen with movies, TV, music and games on demand. I had shortribs, mashed potatoes, salad and a roll for dinner, with chocolate cake for dessert. I had a small glass of wine with my meal, then tasted a mojito. I didn't care for the mojito - I can do without lime in my sugary, mint drink, and I'd just as soon the alcohol be bourbon -- yes, I prefer a mint julip to a mojito. :)

I watched episodes of CSI and CSI NY, then Imagine That, which I hadn't seen yet. I got a little rest, but the lay-flat bench bed is a far cry from tempur-pedic at home. The only downside of the flight was one: discovering that my iPhone USB cable was fraying at one end, then two: managing to lose it, probably somewhere around my seat. The front desk guy here at the hotel says there's a radshack across the street, but I may have to try an ATT store. The nearest Apple store is not close.

Mom found my Aunt Kathy's phone number for me, but when I tried to call, I got neither answer nor voicemail. I'm going to try again in the morning.

It was a great day, with lots of nice treats.

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Glad you had a great day! :D

It's a post - whee! I'm glad you had a nice birthday, and Knight said you adored the singing card he picked out, LOL. I thought it was adorable. :)

Yeah, the fold-flat beds are better than coach, but not ideal for sleep (too narrow for me, I felt like I was trying to sleep in a coffin since I mostly had to cross my arms over my chest). Have a great cruise, and update often!

I'm glad things on your birthday were so great! Hugs.


I thought of you today. Flar spotted "the blind leading the blind" as we were walking on the ship. There were two fellows with white canes, one more experienced than the other, helping him out. :)

hahahahaha! That can be a bit iffy! hahaha! It's been done though! Hugs.

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