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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Labor Day fun: Churrasco & Tie-dye

Flar has decided he would like to have a Churrasco before the summer is over, so we have decided on Monday 7 September: Labor Day, from 4pm to 8pm.

You are invited to join us for a Brazilian-style outdoor barbecue -- the way our friends down south recreate the Fogo experience at home. Meat spitted on swords and cooked over an open fire pit, served up one hot slice at a time. We'll provide the fire, meat, swords, and some side-dishes and drinks. If you'd like to bring a side dish, please email so I can coordinate. Otherwise, you just need to bring picnic blankets or lawn chairs and your favorite beverage.

Before the Churrasco gets started, I'm going to be dragging out all the tie-dye supplies and making myself a new supply of handkerchiefs. If you'd like to join in, bring a project to dye, or just come, and I'll give you a handkerchief of your own to dye. They're an ideal project for first timers. I'll have all the tie-dye supplies out by noon, and will be wrapping up by four in time for the food.

We are extending the invitation to lots of friends from Quest as well as other local friends and family. If you are planning to attend/serve/experience the Grand Opening and Questapalooza, then please think of this as our way of serving you after the event, by relieving you from the chore of cooking while you reflect on the miracles that God has in store for us on that amazing weekend. If there's someone you think would like to come, please invite them along.

I need RSVPs so we know how much meat, rice, beans & drinks to buy. Please email or call me to let me know how many will be coming, and to get directions.
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(Deleted comment)
Thanks, he was all busy when I was typing this up, and he's the one fluent in Portuguese.


That sounds fun! I hope you have a grand time!

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