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Another one bites the dust

Last I wrote, I was limping along with one medium (preferred size) ear-tip and one large, torn ear-tip. The torn ear-tip scampered away this morning, and I can't find the other large one that I thought I had. Diving into my supply to get a small ear-tip, I decided to do one more search for replacements.

Lots of site sell replacement ear-tips. One mentioned the size it fits, in mm. The Apple headphones are smaller than 6 mm across. Another mentioned Apple in-ear, but there are two varieties, and the older ear-tips are very different from the newer ones. Finally, I found a site that not only referenced Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic, but included a picture. Yes, I'm ordering five pair. And yes, I'm putting this in my journal so I can find them again when I run out. I expect the Apple headphones to hold up that long.
Tags: iphone, shopping
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