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Okay, so the next bit is about Apple. Which means I talked to Apple Care, which means that at least I had bright, friendly, helpful people trying to help me.

The only problem is that currently, they don't have the ability to help me with my problem. :(

The earbuds I use with my iPhone are Apple's In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic. Technically, they are only supported for various iPods. They work great with my laptop and my phone, although the phone doesn't support the volume controls on the remote.

The problem I have is a usage problem common to in-ear silicone headphones: I've lost one of the silicone ear-tips. They come with three sets, one pair in each of three sizes. Obviously, I've lost one of the pair that is the best fit for me. I'm currently using a different size for one ear, and actually that one has torn, but it's still usable. When the first tip got lost, I also lost the mesh cap to which it was attached. Two replacement mesh caps are provided, so I'm not screwed.


To my horror, I find that Apple makes no provision for buying replacement ear-tips or mesh caps! Which means that as time goes on, if I lose more tips I'll be wearing less and less suitable sizes, and I'm essentially three tips and one cap away from total loss of utility.

Heh. I got two, count-em two, warranty replacements on my vibes headsets because they kept having cable failure at the stress points. I switch to Apple because of their near magical durability/flexibility of their cabling, and I face the real possibility of losing utility of the headset to replacement part loss rather than actual product failure. Sigh.

If I ask you to help me find a silicone ear-tip that's popped off, perhaps you'll understand the urgency of my request. ;)

FWIW, I'm not the only person to have complained of this. The best the Apple Care tech could do for me was send me a URL for a site that sells urethane tips that fit the headphone. I've used urethane tip headsets before, and I prefer the silicone, but at least there's some relief.

Apple sent me a follow-up "Please take this survey about your customer service experience." I replied with high marks for the person, but dissatisfaction with the answer.

Maybe they'll start selling replacement parts before I have to turn to third-party foam.
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