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Weight Loss progress?

I've been tracking my weight on (the easiest place to track, since it's on an app on my iPhone) since last November. I've been following NutriSystem®'s Flex plan - 5 days of their meals, 2 days regular foods - since April 4th.

According to Livestrong, I've lost 6.8 pounds since April 9th. But, my weight chart shows a history of up and down. The real test will be whether I stay on the diet and continue to see steady weight loss. I'd be happy with a pound a week, as long as it's consistent.

The foods are yummy, although some don't appeal to me as much as others.

I've downloaded an app for my iPhone called Couch to 5K, but I haven't started the exercise program yet. I've been pretty distracted by life this month.

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