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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Still no new toys

First we were waiting for the loan to fund. Then we were waiting for the one week delivery prediction (last Friday). Then the truck was delayed.

Today, the truck arrived with no new LG pairs. pouty-face. Apparently there is a back-order and now I'm waiting for them to get a call-back from LG before I get a new ETA.

Meanwhile, It predictably takes 2:10 & $10 to wash three loads simultaneously at Mr. Suds. They're going to rebate $34, so it looks like we're ahead-even for two more weeks of waiting.

I'm just not good at waiting for new toys.

grump grump

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Oh what a pain! I am with you. I don't like waiting for new toys either. Hope the time goes by soon and you can do laundry at home!

Heh, at least I'm going to be out of town for at least four days of the waiting. I'm driving to and from Texas this week! :)

*Makes pouty face in your general direction*

Can't wait to see the new toys!

Me too! THey're not as impressive and the nifty colored ones, but my mantra while shopping was "I'd rather have the pedestals than ..." it applied to color and steam, as it turns out. Color is cheaper than a pedestal, but steam is pricier, so I guess I averaged out on "savings" toward the pedestals. :)

Not only will I be able to do wash without too much stooping (something I love about the laundromat, btw), but I'll have storage, as the pedestals are actually drawers.

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