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Happy Easter!

I am worn out. I stayed up too late last night to make sure the kitchen was clean enough for cooking today, although I did manage to get 8 hours of sleep. I made banana pancakes for breakfast, and we were done eating 30 minutes before it was time to leave for church. I read the Sunday paper, then napped while Flar showered. I loved this article about a local artist with a fresh look at Jesus. The accompanying picture is of Jesus in white tee and blue jeans, showing off his tatoo.

Quest's Easter service was the wrap-up of EPIC: The Man Series. This week was "The Hill Men Die On." And the focus was on overcoming pride, and coming to the cross in surrender.

After service, we came home to fix Easter dinner. Tigger alternated between serving as sous-chef and arranging the dining room and family for company. Bébé and Scarlett and her son all came over. We had lamb (a preseasoned roast), kasha, rice, jaipur & kerala vegetables and garlic flavored nan. I made a lemon-lime jello salad with mandarin oranges and mini marshmallows, and Scarlett brought a yummy coconut cake for dessert.

Flar turned the Masters on in the family room for background music, and we watched the final few holes including the play-off rounds, before we ate dessert.

I deliberately picked an easy menu, but somehow I still ended up worn out by the end of the day. No doubt due to still fighting this infection. The ceftin doesn't seem to be helping, so it's either viral or I'll need a round of stronger stuff. Meantime, I'm continuing to take Nyquil at night, and get as much rest as possible.

Yesterday, we made the rounds of the appliance stores, ending up at ADI, who gave us a better package price including delivery, taxes & service plan. On Friday afternoon, we should be taking delivery of a brand-new washer & dryer: the LG WM2455WH 4.2 cu.ft. front loader and the LG DLE5955W 7.3 cu.ft. dryer with pedestals and 5 year service plan.

Like any good geek, not having my new toys in hand, I am setting out to memorize the owner's manuals which I have downloaded to my laptop. All my "spare" time this week will be devoted to cleaning the laundry room to get it ready to receive the new machines.

Now, sleep beckons.

Happy Easter!
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