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Last night, Flar was up and down at least hourly, sometimes more frequently. Even though I'd only had four hours of Nyquil-enhanced sleep, I determined that he shouldn't drive this morning. So we all piled into the Audi to take Tigger to school and Flar to his scheduled test, with the intention to follow-up with a visit to his GI or the ER. I threw the least bulky NutriSystem foods into my purse to tide me through breakfast and lunch and grabbed a bottle of water.

Tigger got to school early as is his preference, then we waited for Flar's GI's office to open. I had my breakfast while we waited: a NutriSystem® Cranberry Orange Pastry that was a combination dry/sticky not quite pound cake consistency -- not my definition of pastry thank you very much, an ounce of cheese and a half-cup of juice.

No doctors on Fridays - they're all doing procedures and hospital rounds. Time seemed to drag in the waiting room for nuclear medicine. It was longer than usual before Flar was taken back, and the hour-and-a-half that followed seemed to take forever. Mostly, this was due to me being congested and the waiting room being cold. At noon I had my lunch - a NutriSystem® Fudge Graham Bar which had a satisfying quantity of chocolate chips, and another ounce off cheese.

The doctor told Flar that if his gall bladder is the problem, it could cause the symptoms he's been having, and that he should just dose up with Immodium and wait for test results.

On the way home, I went in to the RIte Aid and picked up Immodium for Flar and V-8 for the rest of my lunch (I've remembered the solution to reducing the sheer bulk of veggies). While I was in the store, Flar called the bank and verified that the Money™ had finally hit his business account. We stopped on the way home to deposit a Very Large Check™, and the teller was sweet enough to get the bank phone number from us and call to verify the funds so that he didn't have to put a hold on the check. Yay for Great Customer Service!

Now Flar is checking email, and I'm going to sit down to write some Moderately Large Checks™ to deliver and mail today. Tomorrow we get to go buy a new washer/dryer pair to replace our Kenmores. Hey - they lasted 20 years, what more can you ask of a large household appliance?
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