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I goofed off this weekend, got plenty of sleep, but was still exhausted when I was done working with the two year olds. I'm the lead teacher in the classroom, and I think that has a lot to do with it. When I helped in the three year old room Wednesday night, I felt fine. Easter weekend there are seven service times, and I will be serving in early childhood during two of them. I feel like that will be challenging.

In goofing off, I cleared out my LJ inbox. Since I gave up on staying caught up on all my friends' journals, I was relying on notifications for some journals, but I'd gotten behind by 300+ messages.

I started NutriSystem this weekend with two flex days in a row. Today is my first day eating the NutriSystems foods and so far, it's been yummy. I had a cereal with fresh banana slices this morning, and flavored my milk with a sugar-free malted-chocolate mix (5 cal.) that I found at Kroger. Some people can't stand plain water. My achilles drink is milk. The chocolatey flavor helped. For lunch, we walked next door to Fourth Street and got subway salads. I'd brought NutriSystem Fettuccini Alfredo (in a cup, like instant ramen) and an ounce of cheese to go with it.

Saturday was rough. I got my mealtimes all screwed up and hadn't planned ahead, so figuring out what to eat wasn't easy and I was really hungry in the evening. Since then, I've been "pleasantly empty." It's not a raging hunger feeling, and it's nice not to feel like I'm stuffed. My issue will be staying with it, and overcoming the challenge of planning balanced meals when I go off NutriSystem. Using the flex system - 5 days on, 2 days off - makes me learn while I'm losing. ;)

Flar spent the weekend in bed. He ran a fever on Saturday, but that was gone on Sunday. We think he's reacting too strongly to the Reglan -- lots of trips to the bathroom -- and he's just feeling really drained. He stopped taking the Reglan on Sunday, and that seemed to help. Today, his doctor suggested he take half a pill, only before big meals, rather than a whole pill before every meal and at bedtime.

We didn't get to planning a budget. :( Maybe I'll tackle some of the work on it this week.

The bank's lawyers are now talking about closing the loan paperwork tomorrow, so the new forecast for Money™ is Wednesday. Which means I'm making a trip to Wal-Mart tonight for more undies for me. So far we've been able to avoid a trip to the laundromat, but I'm giong to be a busy laundress whenever new machines do appear.
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