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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Quick Update
Flar saw his GI specialist yesterday and his Nephrologist today. She prescribed Reglan to help empty his tummy faster, and scheduled him for a gallbladder function test. He looked at the CT from Tuesday and said it showed bleeding from a blown cyst. There is also some concern that the internal part of his PD cath had gotten badly situated. They may be able to do something about that. Meanwhile, he is staying in bed on Lortabs as much as possible.

He finally got a closing statement for the development loan that's generating the Money™ and there is a more believable forecast of funding on Monday.

My NutriSystem food came today, along with a food journal, and a recipe book & restaurant guide for the flex days. I've been practicing at recording my foods: no wonder I'm not losing weight on my own -- my caloric intake is way over what it should be (duh).

I'm going to officially start eating NutriSystem foods on Monday. That gives me tomorrow and Sunday to plan menus and grocery shop for the dairy and fruits and vegetables.

Powers finally gave up my car to me yesterday. There's a code that only a dealer can clear, so I get to sit at Don Jacobs sometime next week. Sigh. I traded Critter's van for my bug. Powers is going to change the oil and run road-trip type checkups on it.

Didn't get my Revive homework done this week. Talked to my phone buddy though. Thoughts about fighting perfectionism and why I started going to Revive made the talk extremely worthwhile. More talking needed tonight with my group leader.

Need to read my homework in Thin Within now.

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Did i read that right? U traded the van??? FINALLY???

No no - she means she got her bug back from Powers, and Powers is now changing the oil, et al, on the van. They're going to use the van to move Critter back home from Texas. :)

She explained that to me last night. :D It will be nice once that van is gone tho. (He can get a new car that way)

Yes, you got it right. I think she was skimming.

Since you've got the weekend before starting NutriSystem, you need to go over to Saul Good's Restaurant (near the Fayette Cinemark) and try their Parisian Pizza (brie cheese, bits of granny smith apple, bits of ham, drizzle of honey, thin but not crispy crust). It is TO DIE FOR, and just the right size for two to share. If you want a sharing buddy, lemme know!!

*nom nom nom*

Thanks for the recommendation. I decided to officially start today after all, with my two flex days. But the restaurant recommendation sounds wonderful. Would their Parisian Pizza feed three eating light?

But wait! They serve Thai Chicken Pizza! How do I choose?

mm, is the "honey dijon sauce" very mustardy?

The honey dijon sauce is not very mustardy at all, IMO.

You choose the Parisian Pizza, because AFAIK they're the only ones who make it and you've never had it before (I presume), whereas many places make a Thai Chicken pizza.

And once you try the Parisian, you'll say fie to the Thai! ;)

I'd say the pizza is maybe 12" across, so it would be fine for 3 people "eating light" or as an appetizer for 3-4 people. :)

Maybe we can plan a lunch later in the week. I'm thinking we're in for the rest of the day here. Flar's been sleeping most of the day, but now he's running a fever. :(

Lunch can be iffy due to work (mine) but I can try. Any day except probably Weds this week would work for me, or we could get together on a weekend, whatever works best. :)

How about on Saturday? What's a good time?

Any time on Saturday (that's the 11th, I believe) should work fine. :)

How about 1pm, then? It's a date. :)

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