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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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A visit to the ER
He really only called to let me know where he was going. He was honestly surprised that I would meet him there. He kinda had a skimpy raising when it came to "family goes to the hospital. period"

It started on the driving home - sudden pain, waves of nausea. He was this side of the river, so he stubbornly drove himself to the ER, just calling to tell me the plan. I got there while he was still in triage.

heh. modern ERs call it triage, but there's no big blark marker, no X on the forehead. Just paperwork questions - confirm what the computer already knows, etc.

We waited a good while to be called back - always a good sign in the ER, when they think the other people are more sick, right?

Overheard from the next ER exam room: "Hey, I heard you were looking for rooms, it's only my hand that's messed up." "No sir, we're looking for a room upstairs to admit someone; you're fine where you are." Good people are everywhere, even in pain.

Flar was attended by two nurses, as his ER stay spanned a shift change. Two nice looking male nurses as it happens, not that Flar noticed or would have cared. ;) His nurse questioned him, palpated him, then hooked him up with an IV lock to (a) take blood for a CBC and (b) give him morphine. That sounds like everything happened at once, but there was actually an uncomfortable wait before the IV, and Flar was in a lot of pain (7 on his 0-10 personal scale) until they gave him the morphine. They wheeled him out at one point for a CT scan and later wheeled the ultrasound cart in to see him.

They ruled out infection and any other stay-in-the-hospital diagnoses, came up with a couple of theories to explain the pain, and sent him home with a prescription for Lortab. Theory is, it was either his gallbladder complaining about Flar switching back to high-fat American food from his healthy seafood consumption in Barcelona, or a cyst burst in his kidney causing a bleed-out. Or both.

Knight and Ro met us at the hospital, so Knight could drive Flar home in Flar's truck, by way of the 24 hour Kroger pharmacy. I went on to work, and got home around 2. I picked up an Arby's Roastburger on the way in, and I've gotta say after this second try, that I don't care for them. Give me a regular Arby's sandwich or a real hamburger.

So Flar's spending the day in bed, sleeping as much as possible, and riding out the pain on Lortabs. They recommended he follow a liquid diet until the pain subsides, then a low-fat diet. Since he's also on a low-sodium, low-phosphorus diet, I'm going to pop out today and get a chicken and some beef bones to make up some healthy broth for him to sip while he's on the liquid diet.

Thanks to everyone who prayed and sent well-wishes.
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You and your family are in my thoughts. Please keep us updated on how he's doing.

Keeping you all in my thoughts

Hope a speedy recovery happens... HUGS

Wouldn't a bleeding cyst in his kidney cause pee in his blood? I assume they did a urinalysis?

Ugh! Hope he is feeling better soon. Hugs to you both.

It's not quite that straight forward, apparently.

Oh wow! *hug* I wish a speedy recovery, and I hope you feel better too!

How's he doing today? Any better?

Yesterday, he stayed home all day, and was in bed for most of that time. Today, he got up bright and early and drove to Louisville to try to straighten out the idiot banker dude who is delaying the Money™ for some irregular piece of paper. He said the drive was difficult, but the meeting was important.

He saw his GI today, who prescribed a "make your stomach empty faster" med and scheduled him for a gallbladder function test. It's another radioactive one, but no sedation required.

He's now back in bed. I don't know what his plans are for tomorrow; I think it depends on how he's feeling.

sorry I've been a bad commenter but I've been reading your LJs and been wanting to send out big hugs to you....

Thanks for the hugs. :)

There is nothing to forgive -- thanks for reading. :)

I hope he's starting to feel better now. Don't forget to take care of yourself!

Thank you. I've been somewhat more relaxed this week, because it was spring break for Tigger -- but it went by Far Too Fast™!

You need another spring break then! ;)

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