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A visit to the ER

He really only called to let me know where he was going. He was honestly surprised that I would meet him there. He kinda had a skimpy raising when it came to "family goes to the hospital. period"

It started on the driving home - sudden pain, waves of nausea. He was this side of the river, so he stubbornly drove himself to the ER, just calling to tell me the plan. I got there while he was still in triage.

heh. modern ERs call it triage, but there's no big blark marker, no X on the forehead. Just paperwork questions - confirm what the computer already knows, etc.

We waited a good while to be called back - always a good sign in the ER, when they think the other people are more sick, right?

Overheard from the next ER exam room: "Hey, I heard you were looking for rooms, it's only my hand that's messed up." "No sir, we're looking for a room upstairs to admit someone; you're fine where you are." Good people are everywhere, even in pain.

Flar was attended by two nurses, as his ER stay spanned a shift change. Two nice looking male nurses as it happens, not that Flar noticed or would have cared. ;) His nurse questioned him, palpated him, then hooked him up with an IV lock to (a) take blood for a CBC and (b) give him morphine. That sounds like everything happened at once, but there was actually an uncomfortable wait before the IV, and Flar was in a lot of pain (7 on his 0-10 personal scale) until they gave him the morphine. They wheeled him out at one point for a CT scan and later wheeled the ultrasound cart in to see him.

They ruled out infection and any other stay-in-the-hospital diagnoses, came up with a couple of theories to explain the pain, and sent him home with a prescription for Lortab. Theory is, it was either his gallbladder complaining about Flar switching back to high-fat American food from his healthy seafood consumption in Barcelona, or a cyst burst in his kidney causing a bleed-out. Or both.

Knight and Ro met us at the hospital, so Knight could drive Flar home in Flar's truck, by way of the 24 hour Kroger pharmacy. I went on to work, and got home around 2. I picked up an Arby's Roastburger on the way in, and I've gotta say after this second try, that I don't care for them. Give me a regular Arby's sandwich or a real hamburger.

So Flar's spending the day in bed, sleeping as much as possible, and riding out the pain on Lortabs. They recommended he follow a liquid diet until the pain subsides, then a low-fat diet. Since he's also on a low-sodium, low-phosphorus diet, I'm going to pop out today and get a chicken and some beef bones to make up some healthy broth for him to sip while he's on the liquid diet.

Thanks to everyone who prayed and sent well-wishes.
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