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I haven't been writing. At first it was an attempt to avoid "time-wasting" but I haven't been journalling and it's a loss, and i'll start again.

but for today, just bibble.

still no Money™

it's payday though, so Flar said I could go ahead and order the Nutrisystem. I'm starting back on the most successful weight loss plan I ever tried, now with convenient home delivery. I'm also going back to the Food Group, since all the Nutrisystem really does is conquer portions and make food prep easier.

I also made the hotel reservations and arranged an hour of movers for Bringing Critter Home™ I'm driving down there in his van the 22nd and 23rd and driving back here the 24th and 25th after packing up the van with the contents of his room. Bonus, the first hotel stay in Jackson is free because I cashed in Choice Rewards points.

I listed the washer and dryer on Craigslist. We've done the initial shopping; I need to check reviews, then after there's Money™ we're heading to ADI to see if they can beat all the other prices. And we have agreed to be content to buy new underwear if needed to outlast the advent of the Money™ or if we have to order the machines. Bonus, we're looking at front loaders, which are tres nifty.

The last couple of days that Flar was gone, I got caught up on "current" filing. There is no longer paperwork lurking in piles for me to sort out. There is still "old" filing hiding in the freezer room with the filling cabinets in disarray (I used the roll top and milk crates this weekend), and maybe some is hiding under the stairs. Dizzy has figured out how to pull files out of the milk crates for noshing, so I'm motivated to fix the filling cabinets next.

Flar just called on his way home from work. He's going to the emergency room in GI distress; pray for him. Cutting off the bibble to go meet him.
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