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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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He's on his way to her ...

... And my heart is in God's care.

Flat is currently at 33,000 according to FlightTracker.

Before he left this morning, we got mani/pedis together, and ran pre-flight errands. He couldn't find the kind of tennies she wanted, but he bought me a new pair of kitten heels to show off my toes.

I drove him to the airport this afternoon, then went to the 5:55 service at Quest. Don't miss EPIC: The Man Series!. Click on Watch Live and tune in for the music, even if you're a lady! Sunday services are at 9, 10:22 & 11:55.

Sleep now. Two year olds to teach in the am.

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Will be thinking of you.

(Side note: cute shoes!)

Thank you. :)

Aren't they adorable? When I walk into Shoe Carnival, I either see something I like right at the door, or I find nothing at all. These were right at the door. :)

That's got to make shopping easy! Step in, glance around, and it's either 'Ooooo!' or 'Nope!' All done! ;) I'm debating about getting 'cute summer shoes' but the last pair I bought with that description tried to kill me. >:-|

oh, these are cute, but I don't wear heels very often. I'm still on the look out for cute summer shoes by my definition, which will be flats with arch support and a cute patterned canvas upper. I'll know them when I see them.

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