Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Monday and Tuesday

Looks like I may stay caught up electronically, at least for bit. This entry will bring me up to today, and I should be able to upload all the journal entries I have on my PDA tonight. Which I've done. And now hope to hotsync nightly.

On Monday, the doctor declared my ear to be well. I'm going to continue using the vinegar and water and hairdryer, whenever I shower, to keep it that way.

At 9 Minit Lube, I not only got the oil changed and had the brake fluid filled up, but I also bought a new air filter. The old one was pretty nasty. I wonder if Bébé ever gets it changed. The additional brake fluid made the brake light go away at start-up. And it also made the cruise control work again. Weird.

I picked up more yarn for the sweater, and looked at buttons. I found ones I liked, but there weren't enough, so I'll look at other Wal-Marts before I settle on something else.

I got home with plenty of time and energy. (for the first time in ages, the doctor didn't need to vacuum my ear to check out my eardrum; that tends to leave me drained and dizzy) So I did a great job of cleaning the kitchen, including do all the hand-wash dishes and scrubbing the stove and sinks. I also cleaned the toaster-oven, but I forgot about the microwave. After cleaning the kitchen, it was time for me to eat lunch. once I slowed down enough to eat and read the newspaper, there went my ambition. instead of starting in on bills, I caught up on email and live journal, and went on to school to get the boys.

I made Cheesy Enchiladas Hamburger Helper with kidney beans, and macaroni and cheese, and we sat down and watched Big Trouble during dinner. After dinner I read Narnia and napped a bit after.

I ended up staying up awhile once I went to bed, sewing one of the seams in the sweater, and watching Queer as Folk. I had forgotten that I need a circular needle to finish the sweater, but I didn't need it until after some of the seams were sewn.

This morning I had to drive the boys to school, as Flar had a breakfast meeting. But that meant I got to sleep in a bit: he woke them up for me.

After I dropped off the boys, I stopped by Wal-Mart for that knitting needle, and was pleased that the size I need was not only in stock, it was purple. Whee!

We lost all four points in bowling today, but I bowled better than I did on Sunday. At least I beat my average in the last game, even if not enough to make up for the first two. The unusual thing about bowling today was that the scorekeeping computer was down, so we had to keep score manually.

After bowling, I went to Sam's and the allergist and Kroger on the way home. It was a short list at Kroger: mostly using up the about-to-expire coupons, and picking up the stuff I knew we were out of. Except Kleenex, which I forgot that we needed until I got home.

Tonight's dinner will be grilled chicken sandwiches and teriyaki noodles, with carrots on the side.

And now, to the cooktop!

Dinner turned out to be yummy, and we watched Fear of Flying, II on the Satellite. It was a pretty hum-drum disaster movie, but it was funny to hear Flar make comments about the accuracy of the movie as regards flying, and then have Critter correct him, based on having listened more closely to the dialogue. Like when Flar questioned doing something at such a high altitude, and Critter pointed out that they'd already dropped to such-and-such feet.

After I read Narnia to the kids, I was awake enough to sort the laundry and start a load of colors. Since then, I've cleared most of the jacuzzi top, uploaded all my PDA journal entries and diet sheets, and talked with Wolf. Before I sleep, I'll post this last journal entry, send my diet sheets to Wolf, and modify the stencil sheet to include calorie tallies at the top of the page. Then I'll push more clothes into the laundry queue and go on to bed.

Tomorrow, I'll be taking Critter to a doctor's appointment in the morning. He's been coughing since he read the Dave Barry book until 1am, and it's not improving. The plan is to drop by Knight's on the way to watch some of Buffy and Angel that I haven't seen yet, and then to take Critter to school after his appointment. Once I get home, I can continue pushing the laundry queue and maybe even get some bills paid.

We've decide to go ahead and fix my car, as it doesn't look like ordered a new car can happen before the end of the year. Sigh. But it will be nice to get my own car back again - driving other people's cars tends to irritate me rather quickly. So I've got to call Powers and authorize them to put in the used transmission they located. And maybe I'll have my car back by the weekend...

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