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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Oh this is not going well.
LJ Idol
Okay, so this week, the vote for LJ Idol is contestant only. But it's not an unlimited choices poll like usual. The instructions are to read every entry and send Gary 25 picks (out of 74 entries).

Okay, so while I'm reading, I'm sorting what I've read into Definitely, Maybe and Nope. No comments on how I've sorted the entries, to protect anyone's feelings here. The problem is, I'm only 1/3 through my reading, and I've already got 12 sorted into Definitely. If this trend continues, I'll be tossing all the Maybes and rereading the Definitelys for a new sort. And, I've only got until 7pm tomorrow night.

And I'm getting nervous about whether I'll be able to get into anyone else's top third. There's awfully good material out there!

You can't vote unless you're competing, but I recommend the reading.

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If you vote for yourself, that means you only get 24 other votes... it's not easy! Gary's still waiting on 21 more people to send in their choices, so you're not the only one. :)

I had a horrible time picking my 25. Sigh. Gary is a cruel man!

I had to rate them all on a scale of 1-5; then all the 5's got votes, and *almost* all of my 4's... I had a total of 28 4's and 5's, so couldn't vote for three of them, and THAT was the hardest part!!

I did still read; want to vote!

I spent most of my time dithering. Really, I was almost about to close my eyes and go "eeny-meeny-miney-mo". Instead I just took a deep breath and made the plunge.

As Ro says, at least you've got company!

It was hard for me to find only 25. Why did everyone step up their game THIS WEEK?! *G*

Because it's the Month of Doom!

I was in the same boat.

I found I had about 30 'yes' so no 'maybe's got no look in. :( Was really tough cutting out those 5 folk to make a list of 25.

I'm up to 51 read; 23 chosen, 18 runners up and only 10 rejected. Obviously, I need to be pickier. :)

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