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Happy Peculiar People Day!

baxaphobia has been featuring holidays in her journal, and this seems like a fun one. :)

I spent the bulk of the day at the Winter Scholastic Chess Tournament in Winchester. Tigger won 1st place under-900-rated, and his team took 1st place for the K-8 section. Yay for trophies!

There was no wifi at the tournament. But I got everything financial-paperwork-y done that I could do offline. Including balancing the checkbook to 12/31/08 using a print-out I made last week. Yay for productive use of time!

Timothy was invited to birthday sleepover tonight, which started at a restaurant in Lexington. We left immediately after the chess tournament, and got to the party at 5:08. Yay for well-run tournaments that end early in the day!

The Asian market was directly on the way home from the restaurant, so I stopped in for dried black mushrooms and plum sauce for making Mu Shu tonight. I thought it up yesterday on the way home from school, after already passing the Asian market, so we bought the Wood Ears and Bamboo Shoots at Kroger, but they didn't have dried black mushrooms. I couldn't find Lilly Buds at the Asian market either, though.

After I got home, Matt and I put together a recipe for Mu Shu Pork that Tigger found in (I wanted a recipe for shopping on the way home, otherwise we might have used his new cookbook or our old one.) The directions left a little to be desired - bamboo shoots in the ingredients list and prep instructions, but never added in the cooking instructions, for instance. But the result tasted like Mu Shu! Yay for homemade Chinese!

I made crepes to wrap the Mu Shu, and there were extra, so I may have Bing Cherry - Cheesecake Crepes later if I get the munchies before bedtime.

Now we're watching Stargate on Blue Ray Disc, one of Matt's Christmas presents. I've got tons of dishes to wash (a backlog from the week, not so much from tonight), but the Big HD Screen has me transfixed. ;)
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