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Bibble for my faithful readers.

Whew. I squeaked by the last round of LJ Idol in a community-only runoff. Thanks to late voting, I was tied for third-from-the-bottom, but one of the bottom two was saved by a generous use of immunity. I'm glad to be in the competition for another week, and plan to step up my game a bit. :)

So to reward my faithful readers who swooped in and rescued me, a bit of illustrated bibble.

Tonight I broke my pressure cooker cherry. I found a reasonably easy recipe for Black Bean soup using the bone from the Honey-Baked Ham, and it was written for a pressure cooker. From start to finish, it took around three hours to make and eat dinner. Starting with dry beans. I'm impressed with myself -- Flar even said it tasted good, and he's become quite the black bean connoisseur from all his time in Brazil. Tigger didn't care for the green peppers, but at least he tried it.

We've temporarily lost the manual for the pressure cooker, but it was easy to find online. It came with bunches of recipes, including how to turn beef bones and chicken carcasses into broth. I think it will make it easy for me to cook healthy meals for Flar's kidney diet.

I was only moderately successful as an errand girl today.

I was taking Flar's car to Audi, so I threw together the finances and the latest mail and miscellaneous papers to work while I waited. I threw the power brick in my messanger bag full of papers, and left the MacBook at home. Which put a bright side to the short duration of the visit; I organized what I'd thrown into my purse, read through the Black Bean Soup recipe and added to the grocery list, then they were done. They were able to fix one of the three problems, but the other two required parts that had to be ordered. I called Flar to update him, and that's when I found out that Flar supposedly already knew how much the headlight was going to cost elsewhere. He had Critter research pricing, but neither bothered to tell me. Nix the order for the headlight; keep the order for the other part; pick up the headlight on the way home. ..except that Flar had the details wrong. Autozone didn't have it, so I called Critter. It turns out when he called around, only O'Reilly claimed to have a part that "might work." I called myself, found out the same, and called Flar. At that point, he took over, found a proper replacement part and called me to order it. It looks like UPS is likely to get it here before Friday, otherwise I'll reschedule the appt.

B- for Audi errand
C- for working on finances

I sync'd my iPhone today, and sent off a few enhancement ideas to Apple. In support of my New Year's Resolution, I've decided to re-listen to the Celebration Series, Inked, about the Fruit of the Spirit. The very first week is about Remaining in Christ, which is what made me think of it. What I'd forgotten is that it was last year's New Year's series. I suppose I'm just a year slow. I just went to look for a link to the series and found out that Quest is rebuilding the website. This is the iTunes link for Celebration.

I was finally getting around to calling about my job search -- left one message, started navigating an excruciatingly slow website -- when Tigger texted me to tell me I was late. Royally late, since I hadn't left yet. Totally blanked on Tuesdays being an hour earlier dismissal. Blasted out of there with cookbook and grocery bags in hand.

On the way home, we stopped at the Asian market across from St. Joe, the Liquor Barn and Kroger. TIgger picked out Sukiyaki for his first recipe from his Asian cookbook Christmas present from CuppyKate, so we needed some ingredients that I didn't think we'd find at Kroger. We had fun browsing through the shelves at the Asian market, and picked up a few fun items, as well. We found a good low-sodium soy sauce at the Asian Market, but not the same sauce he's been using. We didn't find any noodles labelled "cellophane noodles" but we found a package of rice noodles that looked like they will cook up to match the cookbook picture. Then I found out our checking balance is negative, and I've no idea why (cf. not done with finances, above; having done *some* work on finances, I knew I had a credit card that would work). TIgger helped me find the Mirin and Sake in the Liquor Barn, and then started to tell me about a Manga he'd read about Mirin. He's learning quite a bit about Japanese culture from reading Manga. :) Since I'd be putting the groceries on a credit card, I only got the rest of what we needed for the Black Bean Soup and the Sukiyaki at Kroger.

B- for school pickup
D+ for finances
B for grocery run

It was after 5 o'clock by the time we got home, and TIgger headed up to work on his homework. He had to unscramble French words tonight. Not all that easy in English; a challenge in a foreign language. He joined us for dinner, and even tried my concoction. Which made it easier to be gracious when he ended up not liking it. ;) After dinner, Flar and I sat down to watch a movie together: 2 Days in Paris We got through about one and half days before my bedtime alarm went off. I'm not sure whether we'll pick it back up again, it was a pretty strange.

We were running late for bedtime, as I had been out or in the kitchen most of the day, and hadn't prepped the machine. Flar cleaned up last night's bags, then I prepped tonight's while he got ready for bed. After he was hooked up, he tried once again to get his laptop to work on the wireless. We've now determined that his wifi PCMCIA card doesn't support WPA. I found a solution on the net, but it looked way to complicated to try tonight, so I emailed it to Flar to study up. Alternatively, we may be able to set up a separate wifi network in WEP for him to use.

Tomorrow I get to drive Tigger to school, since Flar won't be off his machine yet. I *think* he'll be done in time to get to his doctor appointment, though. When I get home, I'll be concentrating on finances, and stay offline, I think, to focus.

Overall, I'd give us a B+ for shoulder-to-shoulder time. And now for sleep.
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