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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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It's that time of year again. Time to cast vision for the new year. Make goals or resolutions or professions of faith in what works God will perform over the course of the new year.

I used to make lists. Last year, I wrote about what I had faith that God would do in my life. I've arrived at this time with little and great optimism over the years. But I've been so amazed when I look back, that I keep writing each year.

I wrote last year with extraordinary faith about what God would do in my marriage in the coming year. And yet, I was still taken by surprise. That Flar would attend a six week marriage class with me at Quest? That God would be working in me so strongly that I would be soft enough to listen?

And yet, I see all the missed opportunities for my growth in the last year.

This year, I want to focus more determinedly than ever on leaning in on God for my hope, and my peace.

It was two years ago that I learned how a simple, ordinary weakness could be my teacher in how to lean on God. I was given a glimpse into the power of constant prayer, when I choose to ask for His help in conquering my out of control eating. I even started to lose weight, but then I let slide the prayers, and with that, seemed to stop caring enough to try.

So this year I have one goal: to lose weight, safely, and by depending on God to keep up discipline in eating and in exercise. With this goal, I look forward to seeing what work God can do in my heart. Remaining in Him, practicing constant dependence on Him, I expect only to be surprised at how much He will be able to do through me.

The preceding has been my entry for LJ Idol, Season 5, Topic 14, Resolute.

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You're better than I. I gave up resolutions years ago.

It's very tempting to give up.

Thank you for reading.

Good luck with your goals!

I hope God's help and guiding hand will be most helpful to you as keep your discipline in losing weight in a safe manner, and healthy way. Good luck with it all.

Good luck. Wishing you the best in meeting your goal this year.

I wish you luck. Hugs and happy New Year!

Thank you! Happy New Year to you. :)

Great post!

Wishing you the brightest of blessings in the coming year. :)

A worthy goal with good help. Well written!


Thank you for reading. :)

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