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Christmas 08

While I wait for my computer to run a full back-up I'll entertain myself by writing about the holiday.

Silly me, I started the end-game by having outpatient surgery instead of going to my Life Group's Christmas brunch. On Friday the twelfth I had my EA, preceded by a hysteroscopy and D&C. The procedure went fine. The impetus for the Endometrial Ablation was heavy bleeding and breakthrough bleeding; the aftermath means two to three weeks of "watery discharge" aka more bleeding, albeit light. And since I'm a redhead, I won't be surprised if it lasts more than three weeks. Oh, and bonus, no tampons until my four-week followup with the gynecologist. Sigh. Oh, and bonus - pain. I was still coming down from "the good stuff" at the hospital when they told Flar I would experience pain for two to three weeks. He said I just giggled. At first I was ignoring the essentially period-like cramping, but then I was melt-down into a puddle of tired pain before the end of the day, so now I'm taking my pills when I think about it. Still seriously less often than the label, so no worries there. Flar was great. He drove me to the hospital ridiculously early in the morning, waited while they did their thing, then drove me home and sat with me until Knight came over to invalid-sit. I drowsed, but managed enough wits to edit, post and submit my LJ Idol entry in the after-anesthesia daze.

The next day I drove to Louisville to take Tigger to a chess tournament and pick up Critter at the airport. Critter is home from Houston until the 2nd. It's been wonderful to have him home -- and we've gotten to see a lot of CuppyKate, too. :)

Mom and Dad arrived in town on Thursday night; quite late. Their flight was delayed in Chicago to accommodate other flights that were late, so everyone flying Southwest to Louisville via Chicago eventually got there. After 2 am, I think. Mom says it was 4:30 am by the time they got here. I was asleep before they got here; they were still asleep when I left for Life Group; then they were out Christmas shopping by the time I got home. It was probably more than 12 hours before I got to actually see them.

Friday night, Sunny and Tigger went to a lock-in at Dink's to celebrate that school was out for the year. They were sweet enough to go to the hospital with me to visit a friend first, and we had fun playing Apples to Apples for an hour or so.

Sunday, we stopped by to celebrate Hanukkah with Ro and Knight and family. Monday,

Monday we stayed home most of the day to clean house and start laundry, but not dishes. The low the night before was 3 degrees, which lost us all the water in Critter's bathroom, the cold water in the guest bathroom, and the hot water in the kitchen. Tuesday we spent spent out all day shopping, and by the time Critter got home in the evening, the hot water was back in the kitchen so we could start playing catch-up with the dishwasher. There was freezing rain Tuesday evening, which slipped me up getting back to the driveway, but took Critter out. He over corrected for the slipping and ended up in the hedge. Minor body damage, which I "Scarlet O'Hara'd" until today, but no injuries. Critter was pretty shook up, though. Flar came to a complete stop before trying the turn into our driveway. Later, we all piled into Critter's van to ride to Ro's birthday dinner at Olive Garden. Critter and Flar used a rope for leverage when they scraped the ice off the windshield, to prevent them from slipping backwards on the iced driveway. Flar had to back down Vince to get a running start at the iced up hill, but he got us to Olive Garden.

Ro's birthday dinner was fun. There were 11 of us altogether, and we enjoyed the food and the company. Ro's crystal bracelet from Mom sparkled in the lighting, and she liked the all edges brownie pan we got her. She showed off her new Blackjack from Knight, and oohed over the Tinkerbell gifts from J&A.

Mom went with Flar for his traditional Christmas Eve shopping Wednesday morning, and brought home Chick-Fil-A for Christmas Eve lunch for family and friends. We all went to the 4 pm service for Christmas Eve. Mom stayed after service with me to help in the Crawlers room of the nursery. Critter went to CuppyKate's house for Christmas dinner with her family, and got back a bit before 10. Mom and Dad helped me by getting the Christmas Cake cookies baked while I wrapped presents. Then we opened Christmas Eve presents: traditionally, pajamas. Mom and Dad gave us a family present this year, that they were smart enough to give us Christmas Eve. Flar spent the rest of the night reading the manual for our new Canon HD video camera. Mom and Dad baked the Christmas Cake Cookies while I wrapped the last presents.

Yesterday morning we got up bright and early for Christmas presents at home. Mom and Dad and Critter and Tigger and Flar and Flood and Dizzy and I all crowded into the library. Dizzy got a plushie collar with sleigh bells on it, and Flood got a squeakie plushie toy. They don't get to be in the library except at Christmas, so it took a while for them to settle down. We all had lots of new clothes under the tree, good smell'em stuff, and bright shinies. Mommy and Daddy got me a new laptop battery, which I'd asked for after deciding that a new laptop was too much to ask for. Then they gave me a package to open that had a new laptop in it. My parents have no sense. But now I have a bright shiny new MacBook to play with. Amended to say that Flar disagrees; that they should be able to spend their money how they like. I will work on being more appropriately gracious in receiving. I am quite thankful for my presents, and I didn't mean to sound ingrateful.

After presents, we put together the rest of the food for the Christmas feast, and when CuppyKate arrived, we hauled presents and food over to Scarlett and Bébé's house for the rest of the day. We opened presents and ate and watched Brody and Daddy and Tigger move TVs around and instead the new HDTV that we got for Bébé and Scarlett. The kids played Wii and eventually we packed up the food and presents and went home.

Today we served lunch again, and then went to Marley and Me. I really don't remember the theater being so incredibly crowded the last time we went to a movie after Christmas. wow. Of course I cried at the movie; it was a really great film version of the book.

Tonight, Critter was going to go out with CuppyKate, but plans changed, so I finally get to play with my new computer tonight. The first task is backing up the old laptop -- which means plenty of time to write up Christmas here.
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