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Lolling about in Louisville

Tomorrow, I'm driving Timothy to a chess tournament in Louisville.

303 Gatehouse Ln, Louisville, KY 40243 (Crosby Middle School) to be exact.

While he's there, I'm popping over to Oxmoor for an appointment with the GeniusBar. I'm planning to eat at the food court before I head back to the tournament.

After he's done, we're sticking around in Louisville until Critter's plane arrives at 8:50pm, weather permitting.

I'm bringing my laptop, and intent on finding a wifi hotspot. With power, as my laptop battery doesn't hold a charge very long. I know Panera fits the bill, but the last McDonald's I tried didn't have power anywhere I could find.

So, I'm soliciting suggestions from the Louisville crowd, for comfortable geek spots in Louisville. Also, I'd be happy to socialize, should anyone drop by.

Just let me know by cellphone or email.
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