Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Another Monday

This is the fourth in a series of journal entries that I wrote on my PDA.

I got to the exam room before I could finish opening this document. Perhaps it's a sign of a better week.

I'd fallen out of the habit of recording my food & exercise, so I'm starting fresh, and including calorie counts.

But to recap my weekend:
Friday morning I dropped the boys off at school and came back home for breakfast before going to the ear doctor's. I read email, and forgot about breakfast until there wasn't time, but I made it to the doctor's office in time. Then I sat and waited. I opened the journal entry to while my time away, so it wasn't until other patients started remarking on the delay that I realised I'd been waiting for an hour and a half. This is very unusual for my ear doctor, and bad timing that particular day, for me. I re-scheduled my appointment, to try and get home before the Terminix guy. Unfortunately, there was a rainy-day accident on the way home, so I was delayed another 30 minutes. I never saw the Terminix guy, so I'll have to call and re-schedule.

By the time I had lunch and got the kitchen clean enough for baking/decorating, I had about two hours left for making and decorating Critter's birthday cake. He wanted a symbol of bad luck, since "thirteen is an unlucky number." I was going to make a black cat, but since the decorator spray isn't out yet, the back-up idea was a broken mirror. I managed it, with blue frosting under silver-dust for the mirror, and milk chocolate for a wooden handle. The cake underneath it all was strawberry.

Turnip never called, and I was too busy with the cake to stop and track him down.

On my way to school for chess club, I called Pizza hut and ordered 7 pizzas for the party, then stopped by the school to sign for them. Chess club was crowded and high energy. We weren't the only people having a sleepover after chess club, and there were at least 4 visiting players.

The limo driver arrived early, and had me paged. I went out and told him what the deal was. He already had the pizzas and sodas in the back of the limo, so everything was going according to plan. Close to the end of chess club, I had Critter and his friend haul all the backpacks and sleeping bags and duffles to Flar's car, parked behind the school (and out of sight of the limo). Then, when it was time to go, we lined up, and I introduced Critter to the limo driver.

He was a big guy, name of Sean, who sounded just like Vin Diesel. He gave the boys a great ride, talking a telling jokes and stuff. Tigger and I followed from behind. We drove past Woodhill early enough that we decided to drive over to the Regal to stretch out the trip. Then we got back to Woodhill just in time to buy concessions and go into the theatre.

Chamber of Secrets was great. Darker, as all the reviews say, but then the story was a bit scarier. I hadn't had time to re-read the book right before seeing the movie. This time, i noticed some missing scenes from the book, but I didn't notice any big changes to the story. (Whereas the differences in the challenges at the end of the Stone were quite noticeable to me.)

After we got home, the boys amused themselves, with Playstation, computer games, and Star Trek:the Next Generation. (Time Squared and The Icarus Factor, which they boys tired of, halfway through.)

T's dad came by with his duffle and sleeping bag, and took his backpack home, and then P. came and picked up B. and A. around 11pm; they weren't going to the chess tournament the next day.

I let the boys know when it was midnight, and time to bed down for the night, but I heard footsteps until 1am. I monitored them from my chair in the family room, where I finally got a chance to read as far back in my friends list as Live Journal allows. Which went back as far as Saturday, so I don't think I missed a whole lot.

After only about 5 hours sleep, the boys were pretty easy to handle in the morning. I woke them in time for breakfast (two had cake, one had an omelet and the rest chose cereal), then we loaded up the car and drove to Richmond for the Chess Tournament.

We were the first to arrive from TLS, and we snagged a pretty good spot in the skittles lounge, with two couch, one easy chair, a coffee table, a dining table and four chairs, and a folding table and four folding chairs. When all the kids and parents were there, we actually overflowed the space, but for most of the day, when some of the kids were in games, it was just about right.

I've never successfully described to others exactly what a chess tournament is like. As J. said: "I didn’t understand how much waiting there would be." And yet I didn’t get time to check email or live journal after things got going, and I never got past the one crossword from the paper. I finished it while waiting at the airport, actually.

No matter how long it goes, I think of it as an all-day event, because I tend to be totally wiped when it's over. This particular one ran long, and they even cancelled the final round for middle school and high school divisions. All of our teams (primary: K-3, elementary: K-6 & middle school: K-8) placed within their divisions, and many of the kids took home individual trophies. I got stuck with the chess bag, as Mr.G's wife was sick, and he left as soon as the elementary kids were done.

By the time we left, I had just enough time to drop off three boys at their houses, and then get to the airport to pick up Flar. We only had to wait as long as it took for his luggage to come out. Once we got home, I went straight to bed.

I had gone to bed Saturday night with the intention of sleeping until noon. Instead, I woke up with such a raging migraine, that Flar had to bring me medicine -- I couldn't get out of bed to get it for myself. He sat and talked quietly with me while the medicine took effect.

I recovered in time to get up and dress so that we could all go out to a 12:10 slowing of The Santa Clause 2. That was really fun, and then when we got home, I read some Narnia to the boys, and napped before going to the bowling alley. The Scooby Gang was making up the game we missed while Knight and I were in Jamaica. I bowled horribly. Knight got approximately his average for the series, and Grace was also erratic. I just don't bowl well on Sundays.

When I got home, the boys were watching Episode 2. I had some leftover pizza and read Narnia to them when the movie was over. I had another early night. I seem to have gotten used to getting more sleep while I was in Jamaica.

After my appointment, I'll:
  • get the brake fluid checked in the station wagon
  • pick up more yarn
    for Bébé's sweater
  • clean the kitchen
  • pay bills
  • and pick up the boys from school

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