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Is it all coming tumbling down?

It's never easy to see God's plan; rarely automatic to simply trust. How do I support him, as the perfect storm approaches?

Two days ago, it seemed simpler. Hold fast. Help how I can. I cooked. Provide the healthy alternatives to prepared foods, rife with sodium and potassium. Boil our own broth, roast our own sandwich meat, soup season works when the soup is made at home, without the salt.

We'll eat. We'll survive.

This morning comes selling future security for another month, maybe two of grace. My future is guarded by the most reliable of guarantors. His future lies in fantasy -- too far off for his fading faith.

How far down is the bottom? Will he lose her to the continuing uncertainty? Will he lose himself as hope recedes?

I'm unprepared for the breaking.

I pray for the healing.

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The preceding has been my entry for LJ Idol Season 5, Topic 9, Unprepared

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