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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Now that cross-country is over, Tigger is playing chess again. Today's tourney was Model Lab, on EKU campus.

Tigger earned 4th place in the under 500 rating division, and his team took 1st place. Go team!

During play, I finished the sleeves for Flood's winter sweater and then walked around a 30 minute block. The weather was great for walking, although a slightly chilly breeze encouraged me to cover my ears with my goodie. This will officially be the 15th day in a row that I have fit 30 minutes of exercise into my day. Go exer-kin!

Now we're waiting for Madgasgar 2 to start.

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if you saw a white intrepid behind you on Broadway the other day, with a sign that read "HI MINIKIN! LJ TAG!" it was me :-p on my way home from work LOL. and I knew it was you. who else has a green beetle with a personal plate "MINIKN"?? hehe

I am so oblivious. I really ought to look more closely at the cars around me, eh?

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