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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Dating redux
Updates on the dating scene...

Flar and I are signed up for a marriage class at church (Yes, gasp, Flar has agreed to enter the building for six weeks in a row!). I'm praising Jesus that he is willing to go to one that is church-sponsored, and praying that I will grow in this opportunity, not use it as a nitpicking platform against Flar. Prayers for both of us to be open to what we will be learning would be greatly appreciated. The course is Nov 9 thru Dec 14.

CuppyKate, formally K in this post, has named herself in my journal. She and Critter are still totally mad about each other, even though being 1077 miles apart is no picnic.

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I know the feeling about getting the husband involved in a marriage class at church! We're going through the same thing, only ours is a YEAR LONG course! I can't believe I got mine to agree to that one! Alas, you are in my prayers! :)

It was a matter of stages. First, he agreed that he really wanted to work on our marriage. And I challenged him to attend a class even if he didn't like the source of it. And then I topped it off by reminding him that he claims he can do anything for 2 weeks (a dieting reference) -- I pointed out this was substantial less than 2 weeks of Sundays. :)

Sounds like congratulations are in order! I pray that you and he will use this as an opportunity to grow and to cement your relationship as a couple. Good luck!

I wish you and Flar the best! *hug*

Hope the marriage class goes well for the 2 of you!

CuppyKate Strikes again

lol, dating scene? It's more like Marriage + Long distance phone call dating scene
Sorry i just had to tease it's all in good fun.
BTW i did know what u had mentioned on my FB picture, i promised critter i'd do that just because i'm crazy and just for kicks and giggles. Then i met obi wan kenobi...what joy.
ANYWHO, i hope u and...flar(?) (sounds like flan to me and isnt that custard...no offense he doesnt look like custard) have fun at the church thing. Meanwhile my church has jailed me to singing every sunday. *GASP*
Luv Bunches

Re: CuppyKate Strikes again

Eh, our marriage is somewhat lacking in the dating. But, we're trying. :)

F'lar is a dragonrider from the series by Ann McCaffrey.

Ooh, singing! I love to sing (especially when I have someone keeping me in tune).

Good luck with the class!

I had to chime in on the long-distance thing... my better half and I are 2,916 very very long miles apart. *sigh* It is no freakin' picnic.

Thanks. :)

Whoa, that's really far. How often do you get to see each other?

Right now, every 2 weeks thanks to frequent flier and heavily discounted airline fares... then I'll be out there for Thanksgiving (12 days) and he'll fly back with me for 3 more weeks... and hopefully soon after I'll be MOVING so it won't be an issue ever again!!!! YAAAAYYYYY

Wow, that's a lot of travel. I glad you're able to move soon.

I wish I was that lucky.... Thanksgiving bleh.... I get to spend my thanksgiving with a plate of mashed potatoes filling in for Critter/ Duckie...

We're spending the afternoon at my in-laws. I hope you get some meat with the mashed potatoes.

Bssh... Turkey makes me sleepy. I'm hoping for corn pudding, we have an old fashioned thanksgiving. the leftovers last for days...=D and he at least u get to see flars family...I think they like me =D

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