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Catching Up is a Pipedream

Third in a series of journal entries I wrote on the PDA. It's getting to be habit: When I find myself with time on my hands, away from home, I catch up in my journal.

Here it is, Friday (the 15th). I've been home for 5 days, and I've made only a token attempt at catching up on Live Journal. So, while I'm sitting, waiting for the ear doctor, I'll update mine and let go of the week of reading that I missed.

I finished my last entry before our plane was due into the airport at Montego Bay. Our 6:55 departure time was pushed back a few different times, but at some point they made a gate assignment, so we moved from the duty-free area to the gate to wait.

Around 7:15, the pilot came out and talked to the passengers, one and two at a time. We found out that the reason flights had been cancelled was that Air Jamaica was switching over to SABRE, and they anticipated delays. I'm not clear on how having to re-schedule multiple planeloads of passengers was supposed to minimize delays. We finally left Jamaica at 8:30 pm.

By the time got to Miami, it was too late for dinner, and the only remaining movie showtime was at midnight-thirty. So we picked up some Krispy Kremes and went on to the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale.

Sunday morning, we left the hotel at 7:00 am to get to the airport for our 9:50 flight. There was a crown room right outside our gate area, so we waited for our boarding time there.

I finished reading Dave Barry's second novel, Tricky Business, and gave it to Flar to read. I pulled out my Logic Problems book that I'd bought in the duty-free in Jamaica, and worked that during the flight.

In the Atlanta airport, we had a long trek from one end of Concourse A to another end of Concourse C. There was a Chili's retaurant on Concourse A, so we ate there. Unfortunately, at lunch, Knight dumped my ice water into my lap while we were waiting for our food. My right pants leg got soaked and my logic puzzle book was totalled.

We went to 4 or 5 stores before locating a Logic Puzzles book to replace it. Then, once we were at our gate, I couldn't find my pencil. Flar was going to get himself some candy anyway so he got me a pencil -- which was no mean feat, in the secure area of an airport.

We sat at the gate through over an hour of delays, and then got to watch them load, and then unload our luggage. After we complained to the flight attendant. we were told that luggage had to be removed to get the plane down to its weight limit.

When we finally got home, we unpacked the bags that didn't get unloaded, then sorted through the mail. After that, Flar stayed home to wait for our bags, and Mom took me & Critter out to dinner. It was very stormy: The TVs in the bar were reporting tornado warnings, but we couldn't tell which counties were included in the warning area. I ordered a chipotle chicken wrap, with guacamole. It took 30 minutes for our food to come, and when it did, they were out of guacamole. When they asked me if I wanted to order something different, I asked if it would take another 30 minutes. The manager cooked my steak (rare, the way I like it) himself, and comped all of our meals. We didn't dally over the meal because of the weather, and got Critter home in time for school night bedtime.

Our bags finally arrived via Delta's courier service sometime before midnight.

Monday the boys were back in school, and that first morning getting up at 6am was rough on me. Matt took the boys to school, then he had various errands until about 10.

The transmission had gone out on my mini-van the day before, when Pengie was driving it home after helping to pick up Knight's car, which had been getting service. (I think I have that right: mostly what I know is that my transmission went out.)

When Flar got back from his errands, Mom and I got to use his car until 1pm. We dropped by Powers, to give them the key to my car. It was parked at the BP station, where Pengie had left it. Then we headed over to the Cingular office that has a repair shop. The call button had stopped working on my phone. We waited about 15 minutes, and walked out with a working phone. Yay! Then we drove over to Best Buy, to see if they had a GPS unit for the Handspring. They didn't, and we decided it would be more prudent to let Critter pick out his own GPS unit. While we were there, Mom bought three DVDs for Critter, one for Tigger, and a CD set for me. She also picked up the tab on ink cartridges that Flar needed for his printer.

We got home earlier than Flar needed the car, and had lunch. While we were eating, I realized that we were going to need to drop Flar off at his meeting, so that we could pick up the boys. We had just enough time after dropping him off, to pick up the bowling records from Prez, then to go by a card shop for birthday cards for Critter. Then we picked up the boys, and drove over to pick up Flar.

By the time we got home, I was working on a major headache. I took excedrin and Maxalt, and locked myslef in my window-less room upstairs. I only got a 30 minute nap, but it was enough time to break up the headache, and let me function for dinner. While I was napping, the boys were working on homework and feeding the dogs, and Mom finished wrapping a couple of the gifts for Critter, then piled them all into the car to drive over to Yamamoto's for Critter's birthday dinner.

Dinner was great, as usual for Yamamoto's. Bébé had a nasty cold, so he sat on a corner away from the rest of us, to try to minimize contact. We got home in time to read Narnia, and then I fell into bed asleep.

Tuesday was also a busy day. I bowled in the Tuesday Tigers in the morning. Ted was kind enough to drive us there and to various errands afterwards, including Sam's, the allergist and Kroger. I found out that my car was going to need a replacement for the transmission: the reaction shell broke.

I got a start on the laundry before bowling, and then continued it in the periods we were home between picking up the boys from school, getting Critter's glasses fixed, and then going out to dinner with Brody and his family, for birthday, take two.

I think that somewhere around this time I actually downloaded email, but I still hadn't gotten a chance to start reading/catching up on live journal.

For birthday take two, we ate at Don Pablo's. For the second day in a row, I had a nasty headache, but this time I hadn't taken anything, so I tried treating it with a marguerita. It didn't really help the headache, but it was yummy.

On the way home from dinner, Flar dropped me at Bébé's house to borrow his extra vehicle, a Toyota station wagon. We drove on home, then I read a chapter of Narnia to the boys, and went on to bed.

Wednesday morning Mom and I got up early enough to leave the house at 5:30am She had a 9 am flight. I dropped her off at the airport, then went over to hang out with Sydb and Roo.

Wolf had left the house early after being paged by work. He'd left in so much of a hurry that he didn't get to shower, so he got an extended lunch to come home and shower. After he was all clean, we took two cars to go out for lunch, and he had to leave before we'd finished paying the bill. Wolf's work is hell right now.

After lunch, running a tad late to get back in time for car-line, I probably spent five minutes searching for the middle seatbelt in the station wagon. It turned out to be underneath the left-hand seat, and there was a release to pull up the seat cushion, so I think it was intentional.

But when everything was said and done, I got to school before car-line went inside, so I was on-time. It helped that Wolf & Sydb had an extra can of Rotel tomatoes that I could use, and thus didn't have to stop on the way.

We got home with plenty of time to make King Ranch Chicken for dinner. Kittybane and Starmaiden came over for dinner. We invited them, because Tigger wanted Kittybane to come over and "help him make babies." in the Sims, that is. By the end of the evening, he had a full-grown child. They don't stay babies very long. When I had trouhle staying awake through reading Narnia, I realized how long a day I'd had, and went on to bed. With a headache. Again. I didn't do anything about it, as I'd been taking so much headache stuff all week already.

Which is why I woke up with a headache on Thursday morning. I took Excedrin on my way in to wake up the boys, and somewhere around 8 am, my headache went away and was replaced with dizziness. Perhaps too much caffeine so early in the morning?

I got a rough start at bowling, but managed to pull out my average for the series, all in the last game. We took one point.

After bowling I went by Sam's, where I determined that they don't sell Rotel Tomatoes, and picked up a few other things, then to Incredipet and Kroger for the rest of my list. I dropped by Wal-Mart to look for the Betty Crocker decorating spray that wasn't at Kroger, but it apparently isn't on the shelves in town yet. I *did* find an incredible price for Episode 2; Staples was having a sale and Wal-Mart was matching it: $9.97 for the Widescreen DVD. I didn't buy it, as I knew that Critter would be getting it from one of his friends for his birthday, but I did call Knight and Sydb to see if they'd bought it yet.

After I picked up the boys, I read Narnia to them until it was time for Ro to come pick me up for Sydb's Stampin' Up party. We stopped on the way at the Wal-mart center, where Ro dropped me off to pick up two copies of Episode 2 (one for Wolf & Sydb, and one for one of Wolf's co-workers), while Ro picked up dinner for us at McDonald's.

The party was fun. I got to see MJ_Artiz, and since Wolf got paged, I got to help hold Roo and play pass the baby while we were making stuff. We make a really pretty embossed Christmas Card and a winter scene ornament. Wolf got back after the party was over, so we stayed long enough to visit. Since Ro had been nice enough to drive, and since I'm more used to the trip home from Louisville, I drove us home. It was 1am by the time I got in the house.

Today, I've got:
  • a follow-up with my ear doctor
  • a birthday cake to make
  • the Terminix guy coming, for our annual re-inspection
  • a phone call with Turnip
  • more money in the bank, to blow on bills
  • a pizza order to make and pre-pay
  • chess club
  • Critter's 13th birthday party
  • 5 boys to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, so they can be up at 6:30 am to go to a chess tournament in Richmond

Maybe I'll have time to read some Live Journal? At least catch-up on Sydb & Wolf & Ro?

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