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My birthday vacation

I'm online a bit early for the FiddyFive at Quest, and the chatting quiets down while Pete is speaking, so I'm catching up a little here.

I'm writing from Houston, TX, where Critter is a freshman at Rice University. It's a great school -- but then, I'm biased. My parents, Flar and I all attended Rice, and we loved it. Yesterday, I had the shock of the weekend, watching our football team roll over North Texas. 77 - 20. I mean, I remember scores like that from my days, but back then, we'd be the 20! We sat in the bleachers right next to the MOB, and darned if Grungy isn't still playing! He's been there at least since we were there; he's about three years older than Flar.

Now that Critter has seen the MOB culture, and is reassured by Grungy that they have a horn he can use, he's decided to join up. He also sees it as a way to get us off his back about getting involved in activities on campus, lol.

We ate lunch at the Hobbit Café. The menu says it's been in business for 33 years; I can't believe we never ate there when we lived in Houston! It's very veggie friendly -- maybe we thought it was veggie-only and passed it by. I ordered a wrap that covered my plate. I swear it was bigger than a Chipotle burrito. And filled with yummy egg salad, greens, avocado slices... I have the leftovers in my hotel fridge.

Yesterday I slept in before joining up with Critter; Friday I got up quite early (for a vacation) to walk over to campus and join him in a typical Friday. We ate breakfast in Baker commons -- Fridays, one of the chefs serves made-to-order omelets. Then I followed him through Physics, English and Calculus.

I pulled out my laptop to write my LJ Idol entry (latest entry ever, for me) during Physics, posted it and edited it in the first part of English, and then actually tuned into the lectures the rest of the time. Critter's English course is a study of the language itself, with topics like the great vowel shift, affixes, allomorphs and the like. I can see how it would appeal to his math/science brain. There's also a bit of history thrown in, for that side of him. I followed the calculus lecture easily, but then, it's early in the semester. ;)

After lunch, Critter had a computer lab, where he worked on his project and helped others working on theirs. It was good to see that he's already used to exchanging ideas this way -- I was a junior before I really got down the concept of study group!

We had picked out a couple of seminars in the family weekend schedule, but we ended up lazing over our laptops in the library. Since Critter's room is on the 4th floor of Baker, I'm not opting to invade his castle. ;) We took the shuttle over to the village for dinner, and then ended up passing on the Baker Blues -- I was ready to turn in, and Critter is getting used to keeping early hours.

Thursday, I breakfasted at the hotel and worked on finances until time to wander over to campus after Critter's classes. It's three blocks to the campus, and a bit more from the edge of campus to his college, so I'm getting a medium workout on vacation. I'm hoping that this is lasting long enough to get me off my duff at home, and start walking the dogs every day. Mind you, there are no hills here in Houston.

After lunch in the commons at Rice, we went to the financial aid office to figure out what was going on with his account. He brought a paper they needed to fill out, and they printed a form he needed to sign. Both are in the mail now, so he should be all settled RSN.

Then we trotted over to Duncan hall, and tried to see who might be in their office that I knew from my days there. No luck on that point, although I've found out that an old friend of mine is now married, and apparently still living in the Houston area. Left a note for her on her husband's office door.

After that, we headed over to the Rice Village on foot, and pretty much wore ourselves (okay, me) out with the walking. Critter now has hair instead of jello again (it just grows up and up, and when it gets long enough, it kind of floats and jiggles), and I got a yummy birthday dinner, followed up by a multi-colored TCBY cone. Yes, I gave myself a blue tongue and teeth for my birthday. ;)

Critter followed me to the hotel to watch The Office. I kinda don't get it. I guess I'm getting to be an old fart. ;) Anyway, for my birthday, I gave him a season pass to it, so he can watch it on his computer.

Rambly bibble enough. Watching service now.
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