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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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on being picayune
I usually trash-after-reading the sort of letters that urge passing along to friends. Occasionally, if it's a get-to-know-you letter from within my church group, I'll fill it out and send it to my church group. Today I got a recipe exchange letter. What the heck, I figure; I've got a few of my own concoctions already written up. It's just a cut-n-paste.

But then I look through the letter, and what the heck. Is it that most of us are in the habit of ignoring chain mail, and we've got out of the practice? Is it that most chain mail these days is just the hit-forward variety?

Since when does a recipe exchange chain letter actually have a recipe in it? Much less, three layers deep of forwards? Heck, I'll keep the recipes, but what is hard to understand about

1. Jane Doe
2. My Name

hi, send a recipe to a Jane Doe, then copy this letter. Put My Name in the first spot and your name in the second. Send it to 20 friends. etc. etc.

Hello, there are two emails to send. And I'm not EVEN going to take the time to work out where the original author decided that sending the letter to 20 friends would net 36 recipes. Hello? I mean, is that the statistical analysis of the combination of friendship overlap and disinterest in participating, that would take the mathematical maximum of 400 recipes down to 36? I'm thinking there's been some editing along the way, lol.