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Redhead. True since birth, when I presented with a full head of peach fuzz. Mom hadn't changed course on my name in the face of hurricane Carla bearing down on the coast, so it was a breeze to avoid the moniker Bozo. For years I played the role of fiery redhead to the hilt. I was by the end the picture of passion -- all of its best and worst.

Christian. A longish path, still unwinding. I prayed when I was two, but somewhere along the way I lost that bit where I gave my life to Him. Leading myself was no walk in the park, and it took drama and pain to send me running back. I prayed with more understanding and more desperation when I was 44; this time giving over everything to Him. I'm still a baby, just now learning that I'm supposed to lead somehow in this role as follower.

Recovering Sex Addict. Many of those years of self-leadership included a wild and crazy ride where one would get wet; one might get soaked. For a time it was an idyll, exploring the wild spectrum of sensations and pleasures and thrills. In the end there was terrible, unquenchable need. A dependency on physical satisfaction that increasingly failed to satisfy. A twisting, clinging dependency on people never meant to complete me.

Wife, Mom, Geek. Through it all, my husband has stuck with me through thick and thin. We've raised two great boys: Critter is attending our alma mater, Rice; Tigger is in his last year of middle school at Sayre. I quit my "day-job" as a systems programmer years ago when Critter was born, and now I work nights as an indexer and scanner at a records-imaging company. I use a PowerBook G4 and carry an iPhone. Maybe it's my background in systems, but I actually back up my data. When I'm vegging, or working near a screen, I watch House, Monk, Pysch, most of the current SF lineup, and now TruBlood. I listen to more audiobooks than I read these days, mostly because I can listen while I'm working. I work in the evenings, sleep through the mornings, and cram the rest of my life into the middle somewhere.

Jill of Many Crafts, master of none. I've tried my hand at lots of things, and enjoyed most of them. Currently, I'm working on designing, baking and decorating a wedding cake that's to be red and black, so look for me to be covered in red food color for the next week or so.

Writer. This is my second season of LJ Idol, and I'm looking forward to the stretch of writing again. At least weekly. ;)

Oops. I don't hear the printer anymore, so my excuse for staying up past my bedtime has evaporated.


The preceding has been my entry for LJ Idol Season 5, Topic 0, Introduction

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